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Since my last post Joy has lost 60lbs. of fluiod aroudd her middle and felling much better,still in a lot of pain,she thanks all ofyou for your prayers c.w.


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That's good news CW. I'm glad she is doing a little better. Sorry she is still in pain. Ya'll are in my prayers.

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Continued prayers. Glad to hear she is doing better but sorry to hear she is still experiencing so much pain.


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I'm glad to hear Joybells is feeling better C.W. Please tell her I'm sending lots of love and good thoughts.



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C.W., thank you so much for letting us know how Joy is doing. I have been thinking about you both, but I didn't want to "nag."

I hope Joy continues to improve, and I'm pleased to hear that there is progress.

Please send her my fondest love.

I hope that you too, C.W., are feeling OK.

Love, Esther


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I'm glad Joy is feeling better, CW. Have both of you made the move yet?

Lots of hugs,


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Thanks for the update on Joy. I'm so glad she's feeling better. Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts for you both.



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Thank you for the update C.W. I was thinking of you both today. I did pass your message along to Cass but she asked for your phone number and I no longer had it on my call display on my telephone. Perhaps you could private message me or her and she will call you back then.
How are you doing alone at home? Feel free to call again anytime, it was nice to hear your voice!

Hugs to both of you