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    I'm not on here a lot anymore because I focus on myself and my life and being on here a lot tends to shift my focus to my difficult child. That being said, I do still have problems with her, of course. And this week she is doing one of the things that drives me insane. Her entire life is focused on men- finding a man, keeping a man, etc. Everything else is ignored when she has a man in her life, even her daughter. When the "relationship" falls apart, as it inevitably does because her chaotic energy attracts only similar type men, she then wants her friends and family to pick up the pieces and "be there" for her. Of course mere days or weeks later she reconnects with the same guy or finds another one and ditches everyone again and the whole thing starts all over. This week she has been dumped again and so has been calling me much more frequently sounding pathetic and expecting her friends to be there for her, then lamenting that she has no "real friends" when they don't immediately respond to her beck and call. Seriously? She acts like a 14-year-old when she's nearly 23 and can't understand why people respond this way to her. I think I'm going to have to turn my phone off again.

    On another note she has decided that she wants to be a real estate agent and wants her grandparents to cough up around $2,000 to get the whole thing started. Mind you they have paid for 3 unfinished semesters of college, including books and other assorted fees. Her dad gave her several hundred dollars at one point so she could start selling Avon, which lasted about 2 months. She is insane. Real estate? First of all she would have to actually look like a person someone would trust to broker a deal, rather than dressed as a prostitute with tattoos covering her chest. And I have 2 small tattoos, so I have no problem with ink, but hers are terrible and in places difficult to cover. The only clothing she owns are micro-mini skirts and dresses and shirts with not top at all or spaghetti straps. And she always wears ridiculously high heeled shoes. She has no sense whatsoever. I deal with her only when it has to do with my granddaughter because she is so annoying and foolish. Her mere existence drives me crazy, so I just devote as little time as possible to dealing with her or seeing her. UGH!!!! Sorry for the rant, especially when I'm rarely on here, but I had to get it out and nobody else understands at all. :