Just got back from my support group meeting

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    Well I went and pitched my idea for the support group meeting to one of the "higher ups" at the agency. My therapist was in there with me for moral support and to lend her ideas and tell him what she was willing to do with this group.

    He asked me lots of questions and seemed interested. I think I promoted myself as well as I could and lobbied for this sort of group fairly well. I laid out my experience with planning and organizing another local support group years ago that was attempting to affiliate with CHADD but it never quite got off the ground. I also told him that I had been an active member of this group for over 10 years and said that while I wasnt an owner, I thought I was considered one of the seasoned veterans on the board. I forgot to mention all the organizing of projects I did while I was employed. Sigh.

    He asked me a ton of stuff about what sorts of access I had to materials and I told him that wasnt a problem. I had tons of informational materials on topics from dealing with schools to dealing with juvenile justice. I also have many different book lists that are of value to parents.

    I really felt like I was on a job interview!!!!

    Now I have to wait for him to talk to Martha. (Who just happens to be Cory's old Case Managers Supervisor!) Talk about a small world.
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    I am sure you did an amazing job pitching your group! You definitely are one of our seasoned veterans. More like the big sis who always has your back but doesn't hesitate to give a swift kick in the tushie to get you motivated!!!
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    Sounds like it was an important first step -- I hope you're able to get their support to get things rolling very soon!

    I'll be rooting for you! :D
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    Wonder if he will check out this site? LOL. He and I kinda looked at each other funny as the interview wound down and said we thought we knew each other. He asked me if my son had ever been in the system...then said, Oh yeah you said Martha was...hand flapping signal. I said yeah..he came into the old Willie M program right before they changed it to YES. He asked if Cory ever was sent to Timberwood and I said, yep...then a dawning of light seemed to go off for both of us...lmao. I searched frantically in my purse for a picture of Cory but didnt find one because if he knew him then he would recognize him now. He hasnt changed much at all.
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    Well isn't seeking out resources PART of supporting????

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    What a huge thing! You could be such a help for so many people.
    We have support groups here for Autism and ADHD but nothing for parents with any form of Mental Illness or just kids who were adopted or had been in the system.
    There is one that is barely ever run and run very poorly. It is nowhere close to me.
    Gosh I would love to do that here but would love to find someone like you who had the experience with grown children.

    I hope this takes off for you.