Just never know with difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by unsure, Mar 11, 2010.

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    Well, I had a talk with my difficult child last night about not having his birthday party this weekend and although he was visibly disappointed he didn't go off like a top as usual. He was actually very calm and sweet and affectionate last night. I calmly and thoroughly (so I think) explained why it was being 'postponed' and what he would need to do in order to have one in two weeks. If he doesn't live up to the expectation then at the end of the two weeks ther will be no party and he won't get another opportunity to rectify things. I just never know how's he going to react to anything anymore, which keeps me on pins and needles. Although I'm relieved he handle it so well last night there a part of me waiting for the backlash. I just got off the phone with his school-based counselor doing an assessment and he was waiting outside her office for their first session. We'll see what kind of mood he's comes home in tonight. He goes to his father's after school til 8:00...*cringe* :anxious:
    Wish you all a pleasant evening, may all our difficult children be on their best behaviors tonight and give us a break.
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    Like I said...just never know anymore with difficult child. He's been good for two days and today he lost it. Got upset about an incident on the bus and spiraled down hill from there. Got into an arguement with his sister, pushed her...he says tapped her. Slammed his bedroom door and knocked my pictures off the wall then proceeded to climb out his bedroom window to 'cool off'.
    I was being kept up to speed via cell phone as I was still working when all this started. Got home and very clamly talked to him about the issue, made him apologize to his sisters for his behavior. Lost privledges for the night.
    We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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