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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by feelinalone, Mar 26, 2008.

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    It seems like you have the answer? You sound like in your post that you are leaning towards taking a break?
    I know it is hard, but it will come back if that is your choice. What good is school if it is too much on you?
    I had to take lots of breaks to get through school!!! I also had to retake classes!!! I also had to beg to get FA again and again... It took forever... to pay off. But it was what I needed and my mental health needed!!!
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    I hate when I try to make a decision and the pros and cons are the same on both sides. I pray that whatever decision you come to, you feel good about it and trust that it is the best one for you. Hugs, ML
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    My opinion and in my experience:

    Finish school. It just gets harder and harder to complete the older I get. Just me. I could be abnormal. Just think of all the money I have missed out on in the last 10 years when if I had my degree all that time, like I should have, I would be so much further ahead in my career.

    I know it is hard. It will not get easier though. Just think - how would you say work for 5 years, being used to the money, then either go to school part time while working - or somehow have no income and go to school full time. Plus, difficult child will be 12 and hormones will start kicking in!
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    I agree with busywend. Finish school. I went back for my teaching credential when Miss KT was just starting kindergarten. We were living on student loans and I was really scrambling to keep it together. I had the master teacher from h&!! and she was so mean, didn't offer any help, barely talked to me, and then failed me, so I had to repeat my final student teaching with no financial aid that semester. Not only was I heartsore, I was mindsore and bodysore, almost like I'd been beaten. So often, once we get away from something, we don't go back to it. Your long term job prospects are better with a degree. How much longer do you have to go?
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    My advice, for what it's worth...... (coming from a person with alot of anxiety issues)

    Stay in school. It will be really tough going back. Not just academically, but as far as the anxiety goes as well.

    Drop the two most stressful course that won't make your schedule wacky or too difficult to manage.. In a few weeks if your stress levels haven't improved, you can drop the remaining classes if you need to.

    But I'll be honest with you. If I let it, my anxiety would keep me out of school. It is a constant battle that I won't let it win. This quarter I almost backed out of. I almost changed my mind about doing the RN program at all. Money is a huge factor. But so is my anxiety and honestly it was the sole motivator behind my wanting to forget about the RN program and go to work.

    So what did I do? I signed up for classes.

    Why? (because we truely are suffering in the money dept right now)

    Because the money problems aren't going to fix themselves. Following my dream will pull us out of the bottomless hole we're trapped in right now. And it is tough. Really tough when you're not sure you can make the house payment or if there will be food on the table. But going thru these rough years will be worth it once I reach my goal.

    And yes, there are days when I have to repeat that to myself a million times.