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    This is from director in response to my letter. I should point out, a week ago I called them to ask if they were reviewing anything I requested (in a nice way) and a lady complained that they were doing a lot and she's the one who had to type it all up because there was so much so I needed to be patient.

    This letter I just rec'd says they rec'd my letter and have reviewed it all and are interested in a positive outcome for my son's adjustment and that's it's imperative the services are eeffective. Then, next paragraph, the PO will contact me re reentry plan and they encourage me to cooperate because it's important for successful reentry and adjustment for difficult child.

    OK, I agree with all that- but again, where's the plan? I asked Department of Juvenile Justice staff yesterday if there was an order for detention reentry for purposes of reunification or a plan to look for further placement or what and they said there was no order at all- they had just gottten word that PO is now pursuing the detention reentry so they don't know.

    More and more it appears that the real plan PO has is to age difficult child out of the system but to dangle reunification as a carrot to motivate him, when in actuality, there's no plan for reunification at all. There's no plan in place for anything except to keep him tied up in the system.
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    They just gave the standard run around response... uggg sorry
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    Am I being too pessimistic in thinking no one is still overseeing PO to determine if he's doing his legal job in a timely manner?

    And is there some justifiable reason not to tell difficult child or me that they are going to keep him wrapped up in whatever they can to get him out on his own (or recommitted) and never plan for reunification? Do they think we won't notice?

    I don't see that there's much choice except to get an attny on board.
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    I diagree, Buddy. I think this letter is significant. Keeping in mind that nobody is going to ride up on a white horse and save the day...the Director took time to reply to klmno. He did not shuffle it off on a subordinate nor did he ignore it. He has no power over PO etc. He can not write a plan. He did, however, acknowledge the concern and gave good advice. Be patient. Don't be advesarial with PO so reentry will be smoother for difficult child. How many times does the Director of a facility correspond with a parent? I bet it has happened a handful of times or less often.

    The Director knows who difficult child is by name. Likely he has reviewed the case file that is at the facility. He is aware of the mess up. He will be observing. Those positives are the direct result of your sensible letter of inquiry. I honestly don't think there is anything more you could hope for as a result of your correspondence. I'm impressed. DDD
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    The director is POs ultimate boss. The director is over both sides- the Department of Juvenile Justice facilities and the local CSU personnel, which is why the letter re lack of "plan" for transition from one side to the other, as required by law, was sent there. The director is putting it back on POs shoulders and I would understand that if someone was checking to see PO was doing what he should but the whole complaint was that they aren't doing what they should so is anyone going to do anything about that?
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    You have a point DDD and certainly I know nothing of these systems... just sounded nice until they said wait for PO to do whatever he is supposed to do so even if they care or want it different, nothing they can do...

    But clearly I have no clue, just hit me that way.
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    Klmno.....I think that my post that got lost when AOL went down somehow showed up here. I ended up reposting and evidently on your other thread. I'm not trying to be redundant. I think I need a nap, lol. I just didn't want you to think that I was beating the same drum on purpose in multiple posts. Yikes DDD
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    NP, DDD. The one good thing about this- if director is going to let a PO do whatever they want, even when it's not complying with the time requirements and so forth written in the state law, then the director probably won't take one look at it if I move out of this area....IOW, if the director ordered detention reentry and they want difficult child to sit in Department of Juvenile Justice until that has been established (it's a pilot program right now but hasn't even gotten off the ground), then that would carry from one state jurisdiction to the next. If they are saying PO can do whatever he wants, then I can move out of this POs jurisdiction and the new PO will have the say so.

    I do think pushing for a parent signing over custody when a program is not being used as a diversion is way beyond the line of "cooperation" though- and this is where fed laws might start applying. That and keeping a kid incarcerated for these reasons. While numerous types of services were discussed and weighed during the past year, not a single one was ever written as a "plan" except the one requiring me to sign over custody, and that was misrepresented to me.

    If reunification is never going to be allowed, why not just tell us both the truth so difficult child and I can go from here? I know the reason is so they can dangle a carrot of false hope to "motivate" us (ie, manipulate us- and i say manipulate because that's what it is if they have no intention of ever backing it up) but who on earth could think this is going to work once people figure out that they have no intention of backing it up? What's the kid going to do then?
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    As has been identified earlier as an issue is that most parents of juvies don't have the education, time nor often any motivation to make sure they are heard. I'm sure you've read the socio-economic breakdowns of citizens in State custody. You've likely also read many posts on S.A. where some of us have had difficult child's in programs where we were almost the only parents doing visitations and staying in touch. I can't quote stats but I know it's true in the majority of cases particularly in Court ordered placements.

    You have made an impact. The law is evidently on your side. It is not going to happen asap. Time for the Serenity Prayer. DDD
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    thank you- and i'm in on that part!

    This state started passing laws to try to "fix" their problem of juveniles not getting adequate help and not being reoffended over and over. Now they have some funding and are starting pilot programs. That leaves my son in the position of being a guinea pig because half these programs aren't even off the ground yet. And now they are to a point where they want to hold him incarcerated until the programs are in place. Maybe no one listened or cared but I still think it was a good idea to let those making these decisions know how things are playing out in the real world, especially while so much is still in a stage of development. But it isn't fair to my son to remain incarcerated while they are figuring that out. They have a whole lot of other kids who have no place at all to go.. Apparently my son was born to be a case study. Now let's hope he can do something with that.
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    I'm still hoping there is something available that is not showing on the internet. I'm not holding my breath but I'm hoping. DDD
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    And that is if it is available, it isn't just used to buy time to find something else to tangle him in the system instead of dealing with issues that could help him rehabilitate, and hopefully, us have reunification.

    It's of great concern to me that fed funding and these "wonderful" laws passed the past few years are being spent giving more punishment instead of actually dealing with the issues that might honestly help the kid get past this and move on.
    difficult child said that he'd talked to other guys in there and there used to be a detention reentry in this location but there isn't anymore. That matches what I found although I did find where recent funding has been funneled to do a pilot funding on this here. But the detention center says that's not in place yet. I still can't see holding difficult child incarcerated until they get a "pilot program" established. Nope- this wasn't my ideal plan but koi- they really have nothing in place here. And i'm supposed to sign over custody because of that? They have biggeer problems to deal with- there are kids in there for serious violent crimes and kids who have never had a parent show up for visitation...but for some reason, my kid is on the radar. Oh- could that be my fault? I suppose it is if it resulted from me trying to find out why they can't do better than this.

    difficult child told me tonight that they handed him the list of standard parole requirements- no firearm before age 29, etc- the state law stuff. And then after I asked if there was anything specific to him that reflected a "real" parole plan, he said only that it says he won't affiliate with known gang members.

    Uhmmm...and they have himincarcerated with gang members and wanted to send him to a GH with gang members? How many gang members hang out at my house?