Just so you know....

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"Estimated amount of glucose used by an adult human brain each day, expressed in M&Ms: 250"

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Well no wonder my brain has been feeling stupid lately- I'm not feeding it properly.

Thanks for the head's up, Linda. :rofl:

Suz :smile:


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Hey! Tats good to know! I have a bag of minis in the kitchen..wonder how many minis it would be YUM! (I like the greeen best, LOL, anyone want the brown ones? they are no fun!)


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Oh goody, guilt free... I don't think my brain even turned on today...


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Lucky me ... that's what I had for lunch today! Actually, I'm probably set for tomorrow too!


timer lady

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I also wondered the same thing about apple fritters. I've been on a fritter streak for the last month or so.

Mentioned this to my doctor yesterday morning - pointed out all the positives. With a cold glass of milk I got my calcium, protein, fruit & carbs. She was less than impressed.

Maybe I should mention the M&M thing. That will go over big.

dreamer, jam - I bet you could find someone to do convert this data on your candy of choice.

Suz - glad to be of service. I've always been concerned about your glucose levels. :rofl: Just knew you weren't getting enough M&M's.

I like the way you ladies think. I feel at "home" here - you're all just a tad twisted.

:rofl: :smile: :rofl:


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Yeah, if you switch to the peanut M&M's, you add all that extra fiber and protein! That's gotta be good!



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Now if you want to talk M&M colors, check this out. . .

M&M's galore Click slideshow to see them better.

These were taken at the 3-story M&M store in Times Square (NYC). That's easy child measuring her M&M's (in her school colors) in the last picture.

I had to admit to worrying about the education that she is receiving at college when she asked me if 14 ounces was a pound.


Luckily, she still scored a 5 on her AP calculus test. :grin:



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Hey, in the world of downsizing of packaging, 14 oz may be the "new" pound.....

:smile: :smile: :rofl:


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But what if you are insulin resistant? Wouldn't that mean you would/could eat MORE M&M's?