Just started Daytrana


So... psychiatrist added Daytrana to difficult child's medications. The BM and the teacher have been complaining about "focusing" problems with difficult child. The teacher actually had more to say than just "focusing" so, I think I'll be asking for a neuro-phych evaluation. We've done 2 days so far of the daytrana and I honestly can't see a bit of difference... and I didn't expect to this weekend either (Way too much snow) I"m hoping the teacher will notice a difference when difficult child goes back to school.

Has anyone had any success or problems with Daytrana?



Here we go again!
My difficult child 1 has taken it for several years now and it works very well for him. He is 15, weighs about 120 and needs approx. 15-20mg for effectiveness.

One thing we notice is that it takes a good hour or more for the patch to ramp up and be fully absorbed by the skin. To span that gap, I give him 20mg Focalin an hour before applying the patch. That way, once the Focalin starts to wear off the patch is staring to kick in. Obviously, you'd want to talk to your psychiatrist about whether this is something that even makes sense for your difficult child. In our case, mine is impossible to deal with off medications, so the sooner he has something working (and in the case of Focalin it's 30 minutes tops) the better for everyone!

Something else to keep in mind if your difficult child has any anxiety issues, stimulants can magnify these problems. We were giving my difficult child 30mg and it caused him to be more emotionally labile in the evenings and he would pick at his skin. Since reducing his dose, those issues have improved (not eliminated, but better).


I will definitely keep an eye on difficult child with the anxiety.. its not been diagnosed yet.. but I know she's worried about the upcoming court battle with her BM. Thanks GVCMom.