Kat's getting married

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by elizabrary, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Of course, what a great idea- two unstable young people with four children between them under the age of 5. She told me this weekend, but I haven't had the heart to post it. They are engaged. She is sporting a half carat diamond, which further confirms my suspicions that he is doing something illegal. She said they will probably not actually get married for a year or so. She asked if I was happy for her. My diplomatic answer, "If you're happy that's the most important thing." OMG- idiots!!! Of course she posts this ridiculous news on FB so about 50 people have been coming up to me wanting to hear about it. You guys know how it is when people love watching your train wreck and can "innocently" inquire about it somehow.

    Of course she lied saying she is re-enrolling in community college when they move back and she already has that in the works. I know that her financial aid was pulled and she was kicked out of college last semester for not going to classes. The hits just keep on coming!!!:919Mad:
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    I am sorry this is stressing you out. It sounds like something you will just have to ignore or smile and nod about. (((((hugs)))))

    Of course by the time they pick to marry she may figure out that they will get more help from social services if they just live together. Either way, she is old enough for htis to be HER problem.
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    I think "nodding" is probably the best way to cope. Sad? Yep! True? Probably. Life is weird. Hugs. DDD
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    It's funny that you mention how people love watching our train wrecks and will "innocently" inquire. I have had two people I rarely talk to pester me lately for details about difficult child. I don't believe these people really care, they just want gory details...it is pretty annoying.

    I wouldn't worry about the marriage thing just yet....you never know what could happen....smile and nod.....
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    Smile and nod...............smile and nod...............and keep your watchful eye on the grandkids. I'm turning into a bobble head I swear. :sigh::groan:
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    I remember when Oldest announced she was engaged. The first, second and third guys. The third time, she actually went through with it. I did the bobblehead thing, paid for a wedding dress, paid for a rehearsal dinner, and her friends put together a reception and food. They split up 6 months later.

    It's so difficult when milestones that would inspire joy in a easy child child's life (engagement, marriage, pregnancy, birth of grandchildren), can inspire the opposite feeling (dread, even) in the parent of a difficult child. I still struggle with it.
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    Ohhhhhhhh so what are you wearing to the wedding?


    CZ comes in 1 ct. as well


    Is she wearing white?


    Do you need to borrow a shot gun?


    Do you know Shari can shoot a gun from the back of a horse?


    OH honey - I've had this scare TWICE and I just keep thinking -

    (All THE above)

    Congratulations -

    College huh? Good for her!
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    Star- you always make me laugh. And I think I'll wear white to the wedding!
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    Sounds like a plan eliza!
  10. Star*

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    Well now we're even.....Everytime I look at the teeth on that weimeriner? I nearly spit mine out. Seriously IS THAT yours?
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    Yes, like I said- Three Stooges! And seriously, thank God for my dogs- they make me laugh no matter what!
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

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    Star, you are too funny!! We can always count on you to put a smile on our faces when we least feel like smiling :)

    I agree with all the others here, just smile and nod!! She never has to know what you are truley thinking behind that smile. LOL
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    If I were to tell you all my horror stories about weddings girlfriend/boyfriend's or near weddings...either you would be in tears or laughing to death...lol. And most of that is with the good kid!

    Seriously...pretend you are up for an emmy award. its how I get through my life with my idiot daughter in law.
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    Me too with M! I deserve a darn Oscar!! :imok:
  16. Star*

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    Well with all the good awards gone here........(looks on internet.....)

    I think I'll take.....

    AN AVN award :bunny_ears:

    OH GO ON ..........I had to go look it up.
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    Oh snap, now I am rolling on the floor! AVN award, and I did look it up. Impressive...most impressive!
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    Well all the good awards were taken.....I was going to put SAG award....but that would almost be TOO true.