Keep all body parts crossed please! U[date


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difficult child#2 has a job interview this afternoon. It is at a hog semen production facility and is very close by so he could even walk to work if he had to, although it is out in the country.
I suppose the next thing, if he does get the job, is to try to get him to keep it :hypnosis:but at least getting it would be a step in the right direction.
His wife is working part time a Subway so I suppose I will be babysitting till they find somebody to do it for them but I don't mind, if he will just GET A JOB AND GO TO IT!
Good thoughts are definitely welcome.


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My body parts are crossed. But I have to admit, I had to read your post twice, a hog seman production plant? I actually giggled. Sorry!!


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Ok...Im crossing body parts but Im also howling at the job!

Didnt we have a post way back when about the funniest jobs our difficult child's had had? I think hog semen production would rank right up there! I dont even want to ask what one does in a hog semen production plant. LOL.


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Crossing all my body parts, too, but I agree - I hope the pay rate is up there - it would take some extreme motivation to get me to get up excitedly each morning to go to inseminate piggies! :rofl:

Let us know how the interview went - you're right - it would be a step in the right direction if difficult child got the job!!


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Well...I worked in an adult 'girft shop' for a bit and when I was a teenager I worked in a stallion facility 'collecting' stallions. I guess its pretty much the same thing with a bit less risk to life and limb.

Good luck to him on the job.


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Well, he got the job. :bravo:
I really didn't think about it being an unusual job but then this is farming country. I guess things we take for granted here might seem a little strange to those of you who think milk comes from cartons and meat comes from nice little packages. :slap:
Yes, he will be collecting the "product." It is kinda funny when you think about it. I just hope that he can keep this job. He only works three days a week but will get about 35 hours so it will not have full time benefits but then, he never worked at a job long enough to get benefits anyway. Maybe having to get there three days a week will be easier than his last job where he had to go 6 days a week. Here's hoping he will keep this one for awhile.
Thanks for all of the good thoughts. :salute:


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I am roaring here! I know the milk doesn't jump into cartons and an animal provides my yummy packaged meat, but there is just something hitting my funny bone about a hog semen production plant. Then that he is collecting his product?? ROFLMAO
Yup, I'm city born and bred and I have to giggle at the whole concept of a difficult child telling his friends his new job duties :wink:
On the other hand, I really hope that your difficult child holds on to this job.
(No pun intended :wink: )


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Well, he went for training yesterday. It is definitely MANUAL labor. :wink:
Yes, they provide gloves. Not only that, you have to shower in before you can enter the building and they provide sterile scrubs, slippers, and hairnets.
This is a huge operation, delivering over a million dollars worth of hog semen throughout the United States. Their motto, on their delivery vans, is "We deliver the male." :smile:
They also have a huge kennel with several hundred mama dogs. You also have to shower in there, even if you are only going to visit. They don't sell puppy mill style; they only sell through vets. The guy who runs the place said that what they learned from the hog operation, they applied to the dog operation. Supposedly there is only one other dog breeding facility in the world like theirs; I think he said it is in England.
Anyway, it is a big operation and they employ lots of people. I only hope that difficult child can hang on to this job for a change as he is running out of possibilities.


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Well its good to know he will have a hair net on. We don't need any Something About Mary hair gel goin on....LOL....

sorry, I couldn't resist.

again, YAY for difficult child. I hope he hangs on to job seeing he has a family to support and stuff.,