kids broke my easy child

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Jena

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    so i'm going to be gone yet again till we figure out how to get the virus out of it. this is the 2nd labtop theyv'e done this to. i'm not happy just got it for my 40th birthday in may.

    oh well so here i am at the local library with my old buddy who sits and looks at pics of cats online, than the woman who is busy talking to herself while playing a burger game on the easy child??!!

    clearly i'm in my element :)

    talk soon.................... hopefully
  2. Wiped Out

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    So sorry! I know I'd be lost without my laptop! Hope you are back on again soon.
  3. Jena

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    i couldn't get thru the virus so i went around it. took me two hours to figure out how but i did it!! i went into drive's because my screen is black so i had to go thru another way and i made up another user on the labtop. so my side is blocked with-a virus but the new side isn't.
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    If its a virus, download malwarebites off of and run that thoroughly on your computer. I would get someone else to burn you a copy of the cd from another computer really. Like the library. Malware is excellent at removing viruses.
  5. Mamaof5

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    Avast! Home edition is free from Alwil Corp (their Pro is pay for). I swear by three things. Spybot S&D, Avast! Anti-V and Spyware Terminator (caution, last one is not compatible with Win Vista but is with XP Pro and Win 7).

    I also swear by CCleaner for the clean up of the registry - another caution DO NOT play with your registry if you are unfamiliar with how to tinker with it. In the registry (getting to it is "Run" type "CMD" then in that command prompt type "regedit" or just "run" & "regedit"). CCleaner takes most of the guess work out of getting rid of viral\malware registry files (you HAVE to get rid of these to keep the virus from replicating or re-replicating into your system).

    Another thing I do is drop all my Restore System check points by going to the "monitor drive" tab in the control panel and unclicking the monitor drive, it dumps the restore check points then I re-click monitor drive after I do all my anti-v and maleware scans. I also do them in Safe Mode rather than regular boot up (You get to safe mode by restarting the computer, hitting F5 or F8 depending on operating system, choose Safe Mode with networking or without - then do scans). What that does is disable every unessential driver except windows drivers (it also disables the virus DLL files or driver files that are being over taken by the virus or malware). A good indication of malware is checking your send and receive on your network status. (right click, properties). If the send numbers are larger than the receive - you can bet your bottom dollar you are infected with a virus or malware. You are losing what is called "packets" of digital information when you send out and then receive back. It's because the virus is sending itself out there and running up the bandwidth on the receive side, causing the modem to become stressed and slow...the symptom of that is losing digital packets of information out in the WWW.

    Another thing I do with my anti-v and anti-spyware software is update update update. Spybot S&D does not auto update, neither does Spyware Terminator (open source=free but not always full of those auto updates perks, has to be done manually and these two software are worth it). Another thing, ALWAYS do the windows security patch updates, at the minimum. Weekly, set your auto updater to do it if you don't remember to do it. Security patches are essential in keeping hackers, malware and viruses OFF.

    Any other questions I'll be glad to answer and help where I can!
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  7. totoro

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    You guys scare me with all of your techie talk!!!
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    Agree with the malware removal tool kit not so much with their cruddy anti-v. There are better open source anti-v's out there than Microsh!t's software (sorry, can't actually stand anything of theirs except Win XP Pro and Win7, Win 98 was another good product but they dropped the ball on Millennium and Vista hardcore which lost a lot of brownie points with a lot of the tech world big time, Millennium being the worse of the bunch, Vista makes a close second).

    However, I do agree that their removal kit for malware is pretty darn good to an extent and are virus\malware specific, you have to find out which one you have before you pick which removal tool kit you need (yeah, there are several and many more come out from them daily).

    Another pay for anti-v which is VERY worth the money put out (80 to 120 depending on which version or suite you get) is NOD32. The anti-v alone is 80 CND, the suite can run between 120 to 200 depending on distributor or retailer (again those are CND prices). NOD32 was developed by the Canadian Military for Military purposes. The FBI\CIA picked up the project and expanded the project through the contracted company that did this for the Military and then started distributing to the consumer a few years later. Even the governments use a rip roaring souped up version of NOD32 Suites for their governmental servers these days. Very phenomenal, well designed program. I do recc buying the actual Suite rather than the anti-v alone. The suite as some very nice security and privacy features for internet, email and messenger uses. I do have to warn on this one too, it's a bit of a thing to get used to and more for moderate end users than beginner end users. There are some wicked advanced features that can be hard to adjust and play with if you are not familiar with firewalls and security software but it's worth learning how to use.
  9. runawaybunny

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    Are you sure we're talking about the same microsoft anti virus product? I switched over to microsoft security essentials when the first beta was offered to the public last year. Beta 2 came out in July 2010. The previous microsoft anti virus products were widely considered to be garbage, this new one has gotten some pretty good reviews. I'm generally not a huge microsoft fan but I do like this free software.

    If you're looking for more configuration options I do like the stand alone version of NOD32. I used it for several years. Unfortunately last year it failed to prevent a root kit infection which latched on to my os and wouldn't shake loose. I had to format my hard drive and reinstall all of my programs and data. The NOD32 big claim to fame is that they can prevent root kits in the wild... huge fail.

    I've been happy with the new microsoft security essentials, but of course that doesn't mean that everyone will like it. It sounds like you are an advanced user that wants more advanced configuration choices. With NOD32 you can really get into the details. If you want an anti virus that you can install and forget about then you should consider microsoft security essentials. I use it but that's probably because I have a lazy streak and look for the anti virus that works but requires the least effort. This one has a no brainer set up, perfect for me. Download it onto a licensed windows system and it installs itself, no configuration required.
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    True, I agree completely with you. I sometimes forget that not everyone is an advanced user as I am. I tend to fly right over peoples heads with the tech talk and what not. I do believe that I've not seen the new version of MS anti-v. I respect your opinion and I think I'll check it out just for the sake of checking it out so that I can deem whether I'd, myself recc it to others in my tech capacity. If it is as you say it is, well done microsoft, it's about time they get it right again. I do concede that their Win 7 I was critical of at first (I've had the unfortunate "luxury" of Vista on my laptop - quite frankly sucks donkey doo doo - that's my not so pro opinion lol) but I have Win 7 on the mini tower in my bedroom and was quite thoroughly impressed to the point of a huge resounding "holy beep beep, WOW, they got it right this time!! Woohoo). I'm a huge fan of XP Pro (hate the home version, I wub my dynamic drives personally and home does not support dynamic drives).

    I'll check it out at her behest and let you know what I think...sorry us techies hijacked (or is that hacked? lol) the original posters thread with our techie talk....
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    You guys are way beyond me!
    I am so sorry, Jena. Looks like you have to lock it up from now on. Carry it with you like your keys.