K's new School!?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, Aug 12, 2008.

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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    K started School last Thursday. She was very excited and a bit anxious. Had major violence and mania the few days prior to School starting.
    She is taking Seroquel QID (3x's a day) So we had to rush a refill for the School and get it into the Nurse and sign the notes the day before.
    First day of School, we did not have the Teachers news letter because they had to transfer her. So we didn't have all of the info. They forgot to get her the medications. She wandered during lunch and claims she was "lost". She was afraid that no-one liked her also.

    husband talked to the Teacher the next day prior to School. I was too anxious and feeling BiPolar (BP) to go in and not get upset...
    The Teacher was so sorry, she felt horrible about the medications. Gave husband the newsletter... then he went and talked to the Nurse. She was sorry also and was super sweet and apologetic.

    So we read the newsletter. The teacher has an Autistic son! She asked in the newsletter for parents to write up a letter about their child. Anything that might help her understand any of their issues, strengths, weaknesses.
    So I wrote up a letter explaining all about k. I also included a couple of printouts about Early Onset Bi-Polar (EOBP). Things about how School is affected, home, all of the symptoms etc.

    So far since Thursday, things have been great. Ms. T has seen some issues, but mostly anxiety and social issues. (K is so worried about making friends and has no social clues)
    K has actually been doing OK. She thinks everyone hates her... but besides that she wants to go, for now, and really wants to learn!
    They are learning Spanish, which we have been working on for about a year. So she is very happy about this.

    I have a lot of hope about this School and for K. Maybe she will thrive here?:D
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    My bet is that this is her best year ever. Heck, I still get those times when I think no one likes me!

  3. pepperidge

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    Sounds really promising. I printed out the newletter on the Bipolar Child website --the one 24/7-- and gave it to all my son's teachers. I figured at least it might earn me some sympathy for what I go through at home.

    I am sorry things got off to a rough start. Whatever else, at least you have a teacher that has been challenged at home and won't take a simplistic view of things.

    hope you all are settling in well. Its a big adjustment, BiPolar (BP) or no BiPolar (BP)! take care.

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    I'm glad to hear that she is doing well and that you are hopeful. Is this in Arizona? I see that you are still listed in your profile as Idaho, but you guys moved quite a while back, right?

    Tell Miss K that I know that she will make friends for sure. She should smile and say "hi" and everyone will want to know her. Big hugs!
  5. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Yes we are in Tucson. We have been here just shy of 2 weeks. It feels like a long time though. Just due to psychiatrist apt, unpacking, registering for school... setting up all of the utilities... all of that fun stuff!
    K does make friends easy and has a great personality, but she will just walk off and space out at times. Get distracted, disengage. So when she is playing with others, it comes off as "weird" or bizarre. I think they will get used to her and her personality. She gets better as she gets on a routine and schedule.
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    Sounds like a great school. I hope K really blossoms this year!