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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lovelyboy, Jun 20, 2012.

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    Ok....after a VERY stressfull EEG with little some good news!
    Just quick vent! Can you guys believe this: took my liitle angle for his eeg yesterday....When we got there the lady looks at him....says they dont sedate kids older than 3 yrs old!!!!!OMW I told her there is no way he will ly still during EEG....Guess what she asks me! " So mommy wont he listen to you if you ask him to ly still!!!!?????? Slap on my fingers....Mommy your child is suppose to listen to you!!!! Ha ha ha!
    How on this earth do they work with say kids with hyperactivity? My son is VERY bussy...not hyper, but bussy! AND one of the reasons he came for the EEG is because he doesnt always reacts on verbal instructions! OMW So we got the hour later he was so drowsy that he bumped his lip and cut it....BUT still talking!
    This is the same silly neuro practice where I had that terrible abusive experience with the neuro with difficult child! the results.....His EEG was fine!!!!!!!! So seems its an immature system...Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) and Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)....I can work with that!!!! :)
    Seing the teacher for parent interview this afternoon!!!! Thank goodness, hubby will be there to support me!
    Lots of love to you wonderfull people!
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    There IS a nice side when some things get ruled out...
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    Wonderful news that the eeg was normal! Did you say they were doing an MRI too? I had never heard of sedating for an eeg before, Q has had them since he was two and they had me keep him awake at times so he would fall asleep on his own but they wanted no influence from drugs that could hide the seizures. I just like to learn, so was wondering why he had to be still so needed the sedation? Our experience has always been he could walk around and play during the eeg. Now of course for CAT scans and MRI's he had to be still. Happily he now can do that so we dont need him to be put under. They tried light sedation when he was young and we didn't know about the enzyme issue, but he didn't even come close to falling asleep at the highest dose they would give, he was not even three yet! Now we know why, so if he has to be in there a long time or needs contrast added, they do put him under.

    So, now with that relief, you just keep doing what you are doing right? Onward and upward! Bless his heart.
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    It is, but one normal EEG is not conclusive. Tigger had two normal eegs, a normal 5-day eeg and the next one showed that he was having 100s of mini-seizures per night.
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    Q too, had an inpt. three day in third grade when seizure symptoms first showed and this was an internationally known clinic...they said no way, then at the specialty hospital for kids with brain injuries, spinal injuries, any genetic or neuro illness, they did inpt when he was in sixth grade and really paid attention to the symptoms, added extra leads and found he was having seizures over and over and over all day and all night. Even people with full blown generalized seizures can go in and have a normal eeg, the issue with an eeg is they have to be actively having a seizure to catch it. HOWEVER, the area where Q had his surgery always looks abnormal in terms of brain wave activity right under those a structural change may be noticed, but clearly an MRI or CAT scan would be better to check that kind of thing.
    That is why I asked, I think an eeg is an interesting choice and was curious why they chose that and then to sedate, since that would affect the brain wave activity. Must have been a specific issue they were trying to investigate? Not my business, so no need to answer, I am just really fascinated with this kind of stuff...Always more to learn.
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    Glad you got one EEG out of the way and that your little one "survived" it. More than that, that you survived the staff members! :)
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    Hi...thanx all.
    Buddy....I dont know why he had to be so still!? It was awfull.....he wasnt even allowed to frown....tell that to a tactile sensitive child with sticky things on his forehead! He had to lie still....he wasnt even allowed to move his arm or leg!!!
    The psychiatrist said something about trying to get info regarding brain maturitry? We never suspected any epilepsy......