Last Week's AI ? ?


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I didn't see the perfomance show, as we were doing in-processing for difficult child at psychiatric hospital, but I did catch the Gives Back show and saw that they didn't vote anyone off.

Since I missed them singing, who did you all think should have been ousted this week? What was the theme of the week?

Is anyone still watching? I have to admit that my viewing has been sporadic at best this season, as things have been particularly roller coastery around here.

Just wondering.


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I didnt see the performance show but watched the wednesday show too.

I was completely blown away by that. Wasnt the Celine Dion and Elvis thing amazing? I would have sworn he was standing

It was nice to see Simon with a heart.

I also laughed so hard when they did that montage with the celebs dancing and Dr. Phil was in it. Funny.


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The bottom two should have been Blake and Lakisha. Lakisha sang Fantasia's I believe. It didn't even compare to Fantasia's version, or even when Diana DeGarmo sang it. It just wasn't good. Blake sang John Lennon's Imagine. It was really dull and boring. I think the others were great. Even Phil Stacy was good. He's growing on me. Jordin and Melinda are still my favs.


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I missed the performance show, too. I'm shocked to hear Loth's bottom two but know that LaKisha seems to be losing her standing with the judges and Blake needs to be careful not to sound the same in every performance.

Are they going to "average" the two weeks together for voting off?



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Thanks for the update.

I laughed at the montage too. Janet, I agree that the Celine/Elvis thing was amazing. The things they can do with graphics. I was a bit taken aback by it, actually. It was a bit weird - you could see his reflection in the floor. Wonder how Celine felt doing it?

The footage of Simon oversees was amazing. It would be interesting to know what he is truly like. I believe a trip like he's been on over there would change you. They surely raised a ton of money for a great cause.

I loved it when Ellen said that she knew that a lot of "rich people watched the show" because she had watched it with them.

Yes, I'm afraid the judge's have lost their affinity for Lakisha.
Somehow, Phil Stacy has managed to grow on me too, although I didn't like him at all for the longest time.

Yeah, I think they are going to vote the bottom two off next week right? Based on the combined votes of last week and the coming week?
Yep, I agree, Blake and LaKeshia were the bottom 2 this past week. I LOVE them both, but they are just not upping the ante like all the rest are. Melinda is just shining and gaining confidence. I was having a hard time looking at her singing at first, but now she is really getting into it. Same with Phil, really love him voice but had a hard time watching him sing. But...Jordin, WOW! What else can I say? She is just so far above the rest and improving each and every week. She has the "IT" factor. She is adorable, sings like no other, works the audience to all fall in love with her. My prediction is that it will be Melinda and Jordin in the finals with Jordin winning it. That's my story and I am sticking to it, LOL!!

I think the theme this past week was songs with up lifting meaning. Correct me if I am wrong. And did anyone catch what this next week's theme will be? It will be sad to see 2 go at one time!

Till Wednesday morning,


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I think Lakisha is in trouble too. She started out strong, but I think everyone knew that she and Melinda would end up splitting votes as they have similar styles. Melinda has done really well each week though, and Lakisha hasn't. I think she'll be in the bottom two as well.

As for the guys, I'm just not a Phil fan. I think he has a nice voice - sometimes, but he's just not for me and has certainly not been consistent. At the beginning, he wasn't on key for much of his songs. He's gotten better, but I still don't care for him. I don't think Blake has the vocals that Phil has, but I think Blake is a much better entertainer. I'm also not a Chris fan. I think he sounds the same in every song he does, and hasn't changed anything much.

So, my other bottom pick would be Chris R.

Jordin started off well enough - not as well as Melinda and Lakisha, but she's improved and wow'd me with each week and became my favorite early on. Now I think unless she really does something awful, she'll continue to be the front runner. She has amazing vocals.

I do think Melinda is fabulous as well, but don't know if she'll draw as many votes as Jordin.

My top three would be Jordin, then Melinda and then Blake (not as much for his vocals, but just for his overall entertainment).



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">My top three would be Jordin, then Melinda and then Blake (not as much for his vocals, but just for his overall entertainment).

I agree with you, Deb. in my humble opinion, Jordin is the one with the "it" factor.



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My top three would be Jordin, Melinda and Phil. I love Melinda and think she is the BEST of the three but I would love to see Jordin win! She is such a cutie!


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I agree about Jordin. LOVE her. She is too cute - and an incredible talent at only 17!

Would love to see her win it all.