Lead in the body: Learning problems, behavior problems

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Yes! Lead is definitely a problem & only a small amount can cause all kinds of problems, behavior problems, learning problems, etc. My child's hair sample showed high levels of lead. (Blood samples are not accurate, since lead doesn't stay in the blood for long). A hair sample can give them an idea of how much lead is in the tissues. What happens is your body stores lead in the tissues. Under stress, the lead goes out into the blood & causes the problems. You can chelate the lead out (which is an IV in the arm, then you have to collect the urine for 6 hrs or so) or you can do it with vitamins. You can only do either of these under doctors supervision. You don't want the lead to come out too fast (the behavior is bad . . . anger,etc.) and too fast can damage the kidneys & liver. Our child was given L-cysteine to get it out & was angry for 3 months. We still give him the L-cysteine, but he isn't as angry. You have to give other antioxidants at the same time to protect the organs while it is being done. I bet at least 50% of the learning disabilities in our kids are because of lead. (straw's best guess! -- so definitely not official!)
Probably you will have to go to an alternative doctor (an M.D. who also will do chelation, vitamin therapy, etc.) because mainstream doctors only test the blood, & it will not show toxic levels. Also, children's bodies, being smaller, cannot handle the same amount of lead as adults. So, if you both are contaminated the same, it will affect children more. Also some bodies tend to retain it more than others. If one child in the family has high levels & the others do not, that means that the other children's bodies are working more effectively (internal cells & organs) to detoxify the body. That is why it is very important to have healthy food, & keep the junk away from them. Try to eat nutritious, healthy meals, cut the candy, junk, (canned foods are sealed with lead soldier), cut out canned foods, especially fruit, and run the water several minutes before using it (the copper water pipes in your home were connected with lead).


Yes, I will acrhive this!! Good info here.
I will just add something I heard on the news the other day...
Candles can be a big problem with lead! Many wick's have led in them to make them stick up straight. So, EVERYONE check your candles, See if you can see any medal in the wicks. OR after they have been burnt, If the wick's dont bend down that means they have lead in them so, THROW them out!!!!!!!! The wick's burn and go through out the house and the led will land on everything... Very dangerous!

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