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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by houseofcards, Dec 27, 2007.

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    My easy child/difficult child is in college and overall doing well. He has ADHD and did something really stupid, he shoplifted knives worth less then 100.00 and was arrested. I am shocked he would do such a thing but also worried about the consequences he can face, does anyone have an idea what is likely to happen to him, court is in 2 weeks. He admitted the theft and was on tape as well. Would you think he needs a is in municipal court. Thanks in advance for any/all replies. I thought I was past trouble with this one..ugh
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    Would imagine it is a misdemeanor since it is muni court, but I'd still at least talk to a lawyer. You can usually get a free 30-minute consultation. Call your local bar association to see if they can refer you to a criminal attorney. See what is said and then make your decision as to whether one is needed.
  3. Suz

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    I would agree that because of the value (less than $100) it's probably a misdemeanor. ARGGHHH!!!- such a stupid thing to do! :hammer: been there done that several times with Rob. :hammer:

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    Thanks good idea Meowbunny and yes Suz..very, very stupid.
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    Hi, I am sorry to hear about your son's problem. It is natural that you are worried about the consequences, I would be also. Perhaps he can learn a lesson from this mistake it will help him with his decisions in the future. I was just thinking about another parent on this web site that was telling about her sons serious problems with the law and how it all started with little things and progressively became more serious. The best of wishes on this and please keep us informed on how this works out for you and for your son.
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    Oh he has learned a was a dare kind of thing but it has probably ended his career hopes of being a cop. He knows it was incredibly stupid. I am torn between wanting to strangle him and just be broken hearted for him. I thought he had better morals, maybe I am a fool but I really think he does have better morals then this...I can't explain his actions except to say stupid.
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    Sadly, I think the explanation probably is the impulstivity of
    the ADHD combined with the need for peer approval that young men
    seem to harbor in their souls. I am saying a prayer that "the
    system" shows mercy. Truthfully since it is his first and only
    error to date, if I could afford legal representation I would
    hire someone who is experienced and capable of explaining all the
    options that are likely to come about. Very often in the Judicial system, defendants with no experience are asked to make
    "choices" that they don't really understand. There are words
    like "adjudicated" that get tossed out and confuse the issue. If
    his future career is in jeopardy...I would support him and then make sure he knows that he owes you every cent back as he can pay
    it. DDD

    PS: Are you 100% positive that he was neither drunk or on some
    drug? Most of us "know" our kids would "never"...until we find
    out they have been there done that.
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    I want to thank you all for the support and advice. The police didn't say anything about being drunk which could be a possiblity but I really don't thing drugs at this point. DDD, I agree with your insight, he was smart enough to decide to distance himself from those friends...too little, too late.
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    I am so sorry you are having to deal with the aftermath of his decision. As he is a easy child, esp if he has not shown this behavior before, and shows sincere remorse, I would probably get a lawyer.

    The legal system is strange. I have seen cases where people with small offenses get jail time and people with major offenses get probation. It makes no sense to me.

    Sending prayers that this works out with a big lesson learned and an appropriate punishment.

    Often if not repeated these things can be removed from the record, you DO have to follow up at the appropriate time and ask to have htis done. Otherwise the system just doesn't do it.

    He may, with hard work, some networking with police officers, and staying on the straight and narrow from now on be able to become a police officer.

    I know 2 of our officers from highschool and they EACH had things on their record.


  10. houseofcards

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    Well, we now have a lawyer, I thank you all for the advice. I feel better knowing we did what we could, now what will be, will be. I do think it has changed him, he is quieter and more subdued, lost alot of attitude. It is amazing the places and situations our kids bring us to, on the plus side we really like our lawyer and now know where to go if/when my 9 yo brings me to court(am I looking too hard for a silver lining?).