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    I have read that many of us send letters to our difficult child explaining our feelings about the relationship between the parent and the child.

    I decided to write a fictional letter from the prospective of the difficult child to the parent. Do you think it is accurate?

    Dear Mom,

    As you know, I have many faults. I tend to eat too many sweets. I have a quick temper. I am selfish at times. I feel that I take after my father more than I take after you. Both of you had faults. As far as self-control goes, you tend to have more than my father had. I tend to get the blues at times, just as my father did.

    The purpose of this letter is to let you know that you caused all of my faults. I know you did not mean to do it, but you did.

    Since my childhood was so bad, I have decided to give up on my health. I will try to enjoy bad health. As a result, the government may be forced to give me money.

    If the government gives me money, I will be able to enjoy bad health. I will have happiness every time I use alcohol or drugs. It is okay that other people are doing without, as long as I am able to escape with my drugs.

    Your Messed Up Daughter
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    I wrote my difficult child a letter once, he just crumpled it up,,,never read it.

    I am not certain but it almost seems like most difficult child's really think and probably feel that everything they are doing is ok. And things others do for them are what they are entitled to. And if they get in trouble, it is not their fault but the one who caught them.

    I could imagine that my son would write me a letter similar, I am sure it is my fault that he is homeless, because I will not let him live in my house....the list could go on..
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    I wrote difficult child son a letter once, accepting blame for anything he did, had ever done, or would ever do, Eternally. I signed and dated it the way you would a Will? I sent it to him, and I kept a copy for myself because it was just so darn funny.

    I still have it around here somewhere.

    If I can find it?

    I will post.


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    You know those family christmas letters people send? I wrote one years ago and posted it on here and it had background music. It was hilarious. I only wish I had saved it. That was a loss I will regret forever.
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    I used to get one of those Christmas letters from a cousin. Their three children were so successful! Since my one child was not, I did not look forward to those letters! I wrote this letter from my viewpoint, as if I was a difficult child. I was trying to find humor in a very sad situation. I am sure your letter was funny!

    They say humor can improve any situation.
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