Lightning strikes - AGAIN???


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OK.........I really am in a bad, bad mood today. I don't know what the deal is, but I am hating everything and one today. (A large part of it is recovering from the ordeal of the century with my ex last week) - but that aside - the pressures are too high right now and I feel as if I can barely breathe. Every time I turn around there is an overdue bill, a fire to put out, a kitchen to clean, an aberrant interaction or demand from my difficult child, a dog that has an know the drill. I mean, I don't even need a husband, I just need a business partner that can come in every day and help me regain control of my life!

Anyhoo..........I took a nap this afternoon, since the depression would not loose it's grip on my little brain. (Why it is, that when I need to do the most, I got the least motivated - I will never know.) And it started to rain. No big in Texas lately is like living in the rain forest.......constant rain. There was lots of lightning, thunder, blah, blah, blah - and then.........the lights flickered. Whatever I thought.....this has happened about once a month lately during a storm. However the thought crosses my mind about my bad luck with lightning as of late. Last fall lightning took out my satellite dish - this May lightning fried the circuit board in my AC unit, (1300.00 later) - and last month lightning knocked all of my power out.

So I get up from my nap, burning up, and look at the AC was not working. The blower was on, but it was not cooling, just like the last time the circuit board got fried. Lightning has hit again!!!!???????????
:grrr: Surely NOT! I mean, unfathomable, right? So I call the AC guy, and he starts laughing - (nice touch, huh)..........
"you got hit by lightning again - whats up with you and god?" Lovely response I thought. So then I call the electrician, the electric company - and everyone is telling me that there can be absolutely nothing causing this continuous problem with me and electricity except random, yet synchronized, "acts of god."
:crazy: For real????? Seriously????

So, here I sit, waiting for the AC guy to come - not having a dime to pay him - and completely baffled as to what to do in the future to remedy this problem. Not to mention, I am unwillingly a tad bit superstitious. Really, sometimes I do feel cursed...........sometime it is all too much.

2007 has already seen:
My house struck by lightning 3 times
My dad diagnosed with rapid growth, stage 4, brain cancer
My grandmother dying
Me in hospital for kidney stone surgery
difficult child in psychiatric hospital -
difficult child involved in about 3 other aberrant, off the charts episodes
Ex having papers served
Breaking up with a man that I was crazy about

I am worn, worn, out.......tired, and fed up with this whole life. Is it bad luck, or bad karma, or?????
Thanks for listening -


It's the year. 2007 has been horrible for me and a few other people I know. Wonder if Nostradamus mentioned anything about it. :future:

I can't wait for 2008.

by the way, I would have told the AC guy that he's lucky he was not standing in front of you when he made his little wisecrack. I'da taken him out. :wink:


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I'm sorry you're having a rough day, well, year.

If you need to get away, give me a call or drop me an email. I can always use time away from my lovely crew here too.

I hope the a/c guy gives you a cost cut for his wise crack.


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Time to invest in some lightning rods for your house. They put rods on top of your roof and run a grounding wire literally into the ground. I know you probably thought that was an old wives tale.....

Sometimes you just wanna' crawl back in bed (in your case it would have been for the whole year).......

Sending hugs for you.......


Active Member think lightning rods would do the trick? I will do anything at this point, because this is crazy. Who has lightning hit their house 4, FOUR, times in a year! Scary!

Yes..........the year 2007 has to officially go down as my worst year in history in terms of constant upheaval. I have had other dramas that have lasted an entire year - but this year has just been one thing after another.

Nostradamus, huh? Or perhaps the moons are out of alignment? Or worse - as AC guy said - God really is mad?


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We live in an area which attracts electric storms. it's because we're right out on a peninsula, shoved off east of Sydney (almost in the drink) with a clear border between the houses, and the bush. The storms just zero in on the house-covered area, with all that electricity and those electrons zinging around and we get hit, just about every time. the town, that is. A small town. Even if our house doesn't score a direct hit, a successful strike a few houses away has been known to burn out appliances in our place (blew the fuse box off the wall at the direct hit place).

We've got developers in the village. I'm blaming them - because I want to. Four months ago their digger hit the water mains down in the shopping area. It took them ages to fix it, and we couldn't get parking at the shops all that time. Last week the mains near the bridge burst and tore holes in the road. We lost our water while it was being fixed. Last night we lost our water again - I went out to explore, find out why - right over the road the water pipe had broken and because we live on a sand dune, a huge hole had formed when a cubic metre of sand was washed down the drain with Sydney's precious water.
We had a hailstorm last Friday - a huge one. Luckily nothing got broken at our place, but others weren't so lucky. A few years ago, friends had just moved into the area when a hailstorm hit, with hailstones literally the size of cricket balls. The skylight at their house was smashed and water and hail poured in, cascading down two floors to the basement while the family hid under the kitchen table. Their cars were both safely in the garage - only the garage got the roof smashed in by the hail and tiles and timber plus hail smashed onto both cars - written off. Hey, welcome to the village.

Bad things just happen sometimes. Surviving the bad things - now that's cool.