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    How you are doing? Isn't Monday the big stressful day? Please check in- you and your family are in my thoughts...
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    Thanks so much for asking. We have been busy for the last few days cleaning the house. It's a disaster area and we don't want them to have any more reasons than they need.

    We told difficult child what they said about sending him to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), and he's had a rough few days. We wanted to give him a head's up so he wouldn't be surprised if she said something about it on Monday. He can respond angrily when he's surprised. He's been back and forth between really angry and a complete angel. He actually helped clean house today when usually it's impossible to get him to do anything.

    His counselor is back from vacation and she seemed to be in shock when I told her what the DHS woman said. She knows her so that may be helpful. I called and talked to the supervisor at DHS, who basically told me it doesn't matter what I said, but it does matter what the counselor says. (So I wonder why they never talked to her during the actual investigation?) Hopefully after they talk they'll back off wanting to send him away. The counselor also talked to an agency who is hired by DHS to do evaluations to help decide the proper course of treatment in these situations, and they were surprised too that the DHS worker would say that, especially in this case, before they did any kind of evaluation.

    The counselor also told me to write a letter to the governor if they are still going to insist on on sending him away. She said that actually has worked before. The governor's wife is very into childhood mental health and recently took a tour across the state talking to parents about their difficulties. Problem is, the governor's wife is involved in the place I work, so it may be an uncomfortable mix of business and personal.

    The counselor is going to talk to me and husband on Monday before our meeting with DHS, to stress to husband the importance of staying calm and to not be argumentative with the caseworker.

    I'm exhausted. (too much stress mixed with too much housecleaning!) Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight and be refreshed enough tomorrow to finish cleaning up. I could really use those people from that show that make you throw away your junk. My husband is a packrat, and so is difficult child and easy child#2. I've been secretly throwing things away all day.

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    Linda, I just realized that you responded to this. Have you found legal aid or talked with any attny yet? I hope you can get some legal advice- soon.

    Good luck tomorrow- you will be in my thoughts. Let us know how it goes.
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    I've talked to an attorney on the phone. I tried to call around for legal help but couldn't find the resourses, or left a message and haven't heard back. We have an appointment this week - it's on Wednesday morning but I have to reschedule because of a work conflict. He said he doesn't think we'll be able to fight difficult child being put on the registry, but we can talk about the rest. My sister has offered to help pay for a lawyer, so if he's not too expensive I'll go with him. From what I hear (from the counselors), he's been a GAL and very passionate about helping the kids.

    Thanks again.
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    That sounds good- I hope you can get some advice from him soon.