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    Well she has never said a thing to husband or me... figures. Since my verbal assault on her. But K has been being treated a lot better!!! They are now calling role in the class!!! LOL the parent who told on her is thrilled!!! That is ridiculous, they should have done this long ago.
    She is doing whatever K asks... pretty funny, K has not been getting time outs.... Miss B has not been yelling at the kids... HHHHMMMM
    Pretty funny???
    She stands with the kids against the wall when school is over. We were picking up one of K's class mates after school and I guess word got out, the secretary called me and said Miss B was concerned... because there was no note!!! I said, " We have never sent notes home and K has gone home with kids and we have taken home kids and Miss B has NEVER noticed nor said a word" I also said "Why is she suddenly taken notice"???? The secretary was at a loss... I was super nice and said I would call the other parent and have her call the school, but I let it be known the Miss B, NEVER has ever cared or noticed before who left or went home with whom...

    The topper on the whole thing was K's Christmas musical was Tuesday, and we were running late, of course, that morning K was very anxious. I spent all morning getting her OK to go to school. Letting her know that no-one would laugh at her and that she was not stupid etc.

    So when we showed up a few minutes late... She was jumping up and down, visibly anxious, scared, getting a little manic... Miss B was having to touch her and talk to her!!! She said to her "OK K your Mommy and Daddy are here it's OK"
    K started jumping up and down, the whole place turned around, she was squealing!!! it was so cute!!! For the whole musical K was dancing ( the only one!) and singing the loudest!!! She was so cute and funny!!! I was so proud of her!!! I told her to ask Miss B to print out the words for her, and at one point Miss B handed her the words!!!

    So maybe my Harsh words got through to Miss B??? The Principal came in and husband and I said Hi, we brought treats for the staff... Miss B and the Principal act like they are scared of us!!! All of the parents really like us... we all laugh and really enjoy each other.
    We are still moving, the psychiatrist situation is still what it is, but while we are here we will try to make a difference.

    So I told the other parents to call and use your voice... don't be afraid... you don't have to be as, um, "verbal" as I was!!!

    We are even still giving Miss B a present... kill em with kindness!!! She will never be able to say I wasn't a good parent and I didn't try!!!
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    Glad to hear all is working out with K. Sometimes they just need a verbal kick in the pants to alter their ways :smile:

    Sounds like K enjoyed her concert :smile:
  3. busywend

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    :bravo: Take a bow! :bravo:

    You handled this all so perfectly!
    You and husband should be so proud of yourselves and K!!
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    That's my girl. Way to go, Totoro.

    And, that's my girl's girl. Way to go, K!

    Sure you won't consider moving east? :laugh:
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    Ahhh, yes, I was just about to say, you need to give the teacher a present ... she is, after all, still the teacher who watches your child every day, and it's clear you've gotten through to her and need hold no grudges. I'm glad you did it.
    The musical and K's behavior sounds adorable! I smiled while I was reading the note.

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    This sounds like a positive for the remainder of your time at least. Glad it worked.

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    Glad to hear things are going better for K at school (and apparently for the other kids too!)!
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    Way to go! I miss those Holiday concerts!

    Way back husband never went to any of easy child's. I told him this one year (specifically 12/16/94) he was going to take that day off because he WAS going to attend.

    Only difficult child had other plans..he was born that day!