looking back


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Well since the kids were out of school and i did not have to work i was finnally able to go through pictures i had developed and put them away.looking back at the pictures i had of my babys,and its only been 5 years they are so cute and small for such a short time.They grow up way to fast.i even cryed for a while.im going to enjoy taking pictures of them outside in the snow and having fun.so every one who is stuck in enjoy yourselves and take a moment to look back and remember all the good times.that is what keeps me going knowing that one day its got to get better...


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It is amazing to go back sometimes and remember when..... I do that occasionally myself. Enjoy those memories. Hope it does get better soon.


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people always know I am big on photography. I have 30.000 pics of family. no lie! I have a big big family. now that time has gone on, when it is anyone's birthday, they get a card from me and a few pics of them from waaaay back. I love it and so do they. I am planning to give all my pics away before I die to those who are in them.


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Someday I'm going to go through all the pictures I have and write names and dates on the back. I started to do that waaaay back, but it's a really large project. I started writing names and dates on the back of my pictures after going through some really old photos I have, some going back to my mothers childhood in the twenties! Some of the people are relatives and I can tell who they are, but some are total strangers! Probably friends of my mothers' or something. But I have held on to these pictures all these years, and I have no earthly idea who these people are or when the pictures were taken! I have boxes full of 80 year old pictures of total strangers! But still I can't make myself throw them away.

Of course, now I have more unprinted pictures on the computer than I actually have in albums and boxes.