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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by greggfields, Nov 20, 2008.

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    I just signed up for this site thinking I would be able to find some support for my sister whose daughter is in substance abuse treatment and will most likely need to go to a long term half way house. My sister is not fining sufficient support groups in her area, and I was hoping as a clinician I could assist her in her search.

    So far what I've seen is information about pet dogs and other non related comments to Conduct Disorders. Can some one direct me as to where to go on this site for support before I refer it to her or any of my clients?
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    Hi and welcome! You might want to consider changing your display name for privacy's sake. You've posted on the proper forum (general) though we do also have a teen and SA forum. I suspect the info on pet dogs was on our Watercooler, where we discuss topics not related to our kiddos with challenging behaviors. If you scroll down to "forum jump" in the lower righthand corner, you'll see all our various forums. The FAQ forum explains how to do a signature, etc.

    Does your neice have any mental health issues in addition to SA? Just wondering because SASS might be an option for her if so.

    Anyway, welcome to the board! :)
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    Welcome to the board

    There is some highly helpful information here and in the other areas as suggested by the moderator. Also the support here is immesurable, so i would recommend giving your sister the information.

    Welcome again.
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    Sometimes we do talk in threads on the general forum about other things such as pet dogs (that came up in the thread Peace and Quiet), but that is because we have become friends and family here and while we support each other in helping our kiddos, we also bring some levity in or we would lose our minds. Dealing with the range of behaviors, diagnosis's, doctors, schools, etc that all of us deal with is draining and exhausting. If you look at other threads on this forum and others, you'll see what we talk about and the support and knowledge this board has to offer.