Lost It Twice in Two Days

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 25, 2013.

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    I have just lost it and gone screaming mad for the second time in 2 days. I have been working incredibly hard to NOT yell and to be fair and reasonable about things. NO one around here wants that to happen. How do I know?

    They say they do a chore but really they put the item to be cleaned, tidied, whatever, in another room. Dishes? Well, they would, but the neighbor asked them not to because they cannot get any water if we use our sink. so we cannot use it. EVER. Yes, I was told this by my little female monster. Boy was the panic on her face hilarious when I opened the door to go and talk to the neighbor.

    Did I mention that I HATE being lied to? Especially about petty, insignificant things? They are both doing dumb stuff like this though. If I hear "Oh, I didn't know you meant to take out the TRASH. I thought you meant to just take out the three pieces of paper that fell onto the floor out of the overstuffed trash." or something similar, I am going to go bonkers in a very loud and noisy way. That will embarrass my children if at all possible.

    Every single chore is met with something like this. I just couldn't handle it anymore and so I blew. Today I even included husband because he cannot even be bothered to look to see if a child has completed a chore. He just says it is fine for the kid to go and do whatever he is asking about. husband told me that if I wanted the chore done then I should supervise it before I let said child go and do something.
    I was in the bathroom when the request was made. And husband KNEW t
    he child was told to do the chore before he could go and do ANYTHING else including going to meet a friend, watching tv, anything online, or anyone playing or doing anything on a screen.

    Oldest man-child has be warned of screen loss should he violate the maternal unit's decree. For now he is properly chastized.

    PLEASE send some board juju cause if I have to do this again tomorrow I am going to lose my very last teeny weeny marble. And it doesn't even roll that well so no one will want it and it will have to go to the old age home for lost marbles who cannot find another place.

    I want to know when the days of 'Go Ask Your Mother' were replied to with 'Go Ask Your Father' and we could keep a child going back and forth for well over an hour went, and how we get them back!
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    Susie, you haven't lost your sense of humour, which means you have NOT lost your marbles.
    Just... your sanity.
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    Been there! Done that will probably e suffering this exact thing for the next 18 years till mr Lewis is out of the house.

    I've yet to understand how or why it's the mummy's job to make sure the house isn't being set on fire when the male unit is sitting on the couch and the female unit is in the shower!

    You have my sympathy!
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    Try doing it with a 54 year old.
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    I did. For an entire year. Oldest man-child is now 55. Sigh. (Yes, I did marry an older guy. He actually student taught at my jr high while I was there, lol. I didn't have him for a teacher, but he was there. More than a few of my classmates think it is hilarious. Until I remind them of what they said about him back then. I didn't know him except vaguely by sight, but I did know what they said about him,lol. Not that he noticed at the time, thank goodness. I was 21 when we met again.
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    I know only too well of which you speak. Summers are the worst...
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    Your post makes me want to dig my heels in even harder before I have to deal with this koi again when the state returns mine to me in August.
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    Susie as you well know the trash issue is something easily resolved. Dump it into the culprits bed. I suppose the same could be done with dirty dishes. I never had it go quite that far. lol

    They're pushing their luck to this extreme because they know you're not up to par at the moment and are trying to see just how much they can get away with. Nothing can make me madder faster than this sort of behavior. Mine learned quickly to walk on egg shells when Mom was not up to par........mainly because my temper was much shorter which meant they got away with basically nothing and the consequence was much worse. Fred was not always so smart. ugh

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    You've been coping with really BIG issues this month and maybe ??? that makes this issue more important because it "should be" something that can be controlled and it's turned into a "bucking" issue. Even if the kids are easy child's the two of them could be baiting you just to see if you will "blow". Maybe ???

    My personality is different and therefore my methods were different. I did NOT raise perfect kids nor was I a perfect Mom. on the other hand I found that the less I spoke the more results I got. I made lists (as short as possible) of chores and posted them on the refrigerator. Although I would occasionally say "remember to check your list" I didn't dwell on it.
    IF they did not do what was required as a family member......I did not do what they asked me to do for their personal convenience. I did not drive them. I did not allow sleepovers. I did not make their favorite meals or take them shopping etc. No arguments or elevated voices. The philosophy was simple. We are a family and each of us has chores and responsibilities. As the Mom my list is longest and hardest but your help is needed. We can work as a team and have a pleasant family or we can each opt to be selfish. Mostly...it worked for me. Hugs. DDD