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    We talked to Keyana on the phone over the weekend. It has been a couple of weeks since we had been able to actually catch her and the last time we did we interrupted her playing a game with a couple of friends and the game She didnt have time to take out of her busy schedule to do much more than to say I love you bye.

    Well this time she was much more talkative and she spent awhile talking to her Papa and then she wanted to talk to me. I was asking her about school and all that normal stuff and then I asked her about Easter. I always send her stuff. Lord I spoil her. I asked her what the Easter Bunny was sending her and she said candy. I asked her what she wanted the Easter Bunny to send her and out of the blue she said....I want the Easter Bunny to bring me my baby sister. Thats all he needs to do. I dont want any candy, I dont want any toys. I just want my baby sister!

    I got such a lump in my throat. I told her ... baby, the bunny cant bring you McKenzie. We are too far away. She told me well draw a picture of her for me! I said I will do better than that, I will send you some pictures of her okay?? She said that was great. is the issue. I have no idea if her mother will let the pictures go through. We always take pictures of Keyana and her brothers. It is no big deal to us. They are her brothers for heavens sake. A part of her. We would never deny them. I am even making up easter baskets for all of them! 2 kids that are no blood relation to me but because they are with her it would not be right for me to only send to her and them not get anything in the mail if she does. I do realize I am probably the only one of the three grandparents that does this though.
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    Do what feels right to you, Janet. I never liked it when Kiddo got photos of her half-siblings, but I just handed them over to her to keep in her room (I have no clue where she puts them, I run across them sometimes when I clean her room and put them aside for her again).
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    Janet, I do the same thing with my sister's sig other's daughter. My sister has two grown daughters and she and her sig other have a 4-year old son. He has an 11-year old daughter. Three Christmas's ago, we all met up right before the holiday at my aunt's down in Charlotte. I knew we would be exchanging gifts so I made sure she had something - a lot of something - I went to the store (dollar store and drug store) and got her a whole lot of treats - little earrings, necklaces, small animals, sidewalk chalk, crayons, etc. I put everything in a pink sparkly bag and wrapped each thing in tissue.

    Well, you would think I gave her a million dollars! No one else thought to get her anything and she was def kept occupied opening all that tissue paper!

    I've never been really keen on the "bringing gifts for all the kids" when it's one's birthday - but I think what I did and what you do are different.

    I think you just print off a bunch of pics and put them in her Easter basket. See if you can find some of those large cellophane Easter basket bags - think they carry them at dollar tree - wrap the basket and then tie with a bow - Mom won't be able to see what's in the baskets before they get handed out!

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    The best thing anyone can do in the world is to be nice to kids. It's very kind of you to send them all baskets, feel good about that. I really hope her mother let's her have the pictures, when will you see her next?
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    LDM has a great idea as to how to send the pics :)
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    I LOVE LDMs idea.
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    Haozi, maybe our situation is a bit different with Keyana than yours is with your daughter. I dont know if your daughter is close to her father or not but Keyana is very close to her daddy and to us. She never wanted to leave him. She wanted to be here when the baby was born and she spent her entire Xmas vacation except for one night with us at his house playing with the baby. When she found out the baby was going to be a girl she was so thrilled. This baby is her real live doll baby. She misses her like crazy.
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    Any way to make a video of daddy and baby sister reading a book to her or anything like that?
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    Janet, I think LDM's idea is a great one also. And it's lovely that you sent Easter Baskets to Keyana's brothers as well as to her. Not only will the boys be happy, but Keyana will always remember that you are the grandmother who's treated her brothers properly.

    She sounds like such a sweet girl, Janet. As beautiful inside as she is outside.