Making our own ice-cream - no dairy or sugar... and yummy!

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I just wanted to share with all of you who feel awful about depriving our children of favorite summer treats that other children get to eat.

Summers are especially hard. We're at my son's baseball games and along comes the ice cream truck offering tasty - but highly processed - ice cream treats and slush - loaded with dyes and sugar. It seems that we're the only family who say no. Actually, we don't say no, my children know not to even ask.

So the other day I bought what I think is a new product from Wilton called "The incredible Ice Cream Machine"... no rock salt or special ice cream pre-made packages needed! (It's out of stock at the Wilton site, but I bought it at Michael's and used their 40% off one regular priced item in their weekly circular)

We've made a few batches so far - and they're delicious! You freeze the special ice cream bowl ahead of time and then add your ingredients as you turn the handle to scrape the sides of the bowl every minute or so (gotta scrape more often when using rice milk, by the way!).

So we made mint ice cream using Rice Milk, liquid Stevia, and Alcohol-free mint flavor (Organic Frontier has sunflower oil, org spearmint and peppermint oils!). That was quite tasty.

Then we tried CHOCOLATE ice cream. I heated some rice milk and added organic chocolate in powder form(like making cocoa) and stevia. Cooled it overnight and then added more rice milk (for more creaminess, you can use organic heavy whipping cream if your child can handle dairy). This was sooooo good! Even my husband ate some and asked for more. Wow!

Anyway, thought you'd like to try it with your families too!

Have fun!
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We make our own rice ice cream too. difficult child loves it. The homemaid is sooo much better than the store bought. We use basically the same recipe and it's sooo yummy that everyone is eating it now!

I wish I would have bought it when I ran across it but it was a thermos type container that guarenteed to keep ice cream frozen. Yea the thermos is OK but thinking this would be a better option. Has anyone run across this??

I also have an ample supply of popcicles on hand. They are simply frozen blended fruit. No sugar water or anyting. I just bought the rocket pop shapes and did 3 flavors in them... yummy. :laugh:


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Think I'm gonna try this, sounds great. I have one of those machines that you freeze the core bowl thing and then plug it in to freeze the icecream. Forgot I had it. Gonna dig it out.


I rarely post in this section, partly because I know so little on the related topics, but I do read in "Natural Treatments" from time to time.

I am glad that I stopped by today, because I leanred something. There are ways to substitute a much-loved treat with something that is tasty and much better for you. I plan on looking around for some of these things, and looking a little further into the ice cream sub idea.