Making cookies when you don't bake is ....

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    Since I knew I was a rookie, I did my best to be fully prepared. All the baking supplies were on one counter (flour, sugar, chocolate, etc.). Cookie sheets, cookie press (actually have two -- both my mothers), rolling pins, etc. on top of the stove since we wouldn't be using burners. Spices, extracts at the ready. Two counters clean for mixing and rolling. Cuisinart and mini-Cuisinart at the ready. Yup, I'm all primed.

    Day one is sugar cookies -- using the press, cutting out, mixing with flavoring for other type of cookies. Mom, where's the butter? Um, er .... in the freezer. Mind you, this butter is in 1-lb blocks.

    Get butter out of the freezer. User big, heavy, sharp butcher knife. Start to cut in half. "MOM! The knife isn't going straight!" Look, it sure isn't -- gone off on a total tilt. Slowwwwly pull knife out. Run my beautiful, heavy chopping knife under hot water. Cut the butter in half. Run it under hot water again, cut butter into quarters. My wonderful chopping knife is no longer sharp. sob

    Okay, I remember the butter soup story. Put a stick in the microwave and defrost for 10 seconds. Still frozen solid. Defrost for 30 seconds. Solid butter. Defrost for another 30 seconds -- semi-soft. Another 30 seconds and it is soft. PHEW

    Marie mixes first batch. No problem. We stare at the cookie presses. No directions for either. Unscrew the bottom of one. There's a white cap that has to be removed. Marie tries. No luck. Here, I have fingernails, I'll try. No luck. Marie says let me try again. She uses her teeth. No luck. That thing is wedged in there. I take the press and look at it very carefully. Press a button at the top and the lever/masher/whatever you want to call it goes up. The white plastic cap goes up. DUH!!!! Put the appropriate design in and press away.

    The rest of day one was pretty uneventful besides flour on the black cat, probably the white cat (but we couldn't see that) and all over the dog's nose when he got on all fours to see what we were doing and dumped his snoot into the mixing bowl. (Yes, we tossed that batch of flour/sugar and started anew.)

    Oh, mustn't forget the butter on the floor with happy pets licking away and us sliding as we tried to work. We finally just rubbed butter on our socks and slid around the kitchen floor for a bit for fun.

    Day two was making banana nut bread, rugelach, Andes mint cookies and chocolate-peppermint pinwheels.

    Day two was also Vanilla extract flying from the spoon into the air as Marie slipped on some more butter; next tablespoon hitting edge of counter and running down cabinet doors; third spoonful missing the bowl as cat jumped up and hit her elbow. I'm laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face. She's mad as all get out until she sees cat licking vanilla from every spot she can reach and then she's laughing, too.

    The banana nut bread is Marie's specialty so no problems there. She bought the Andes mint while I shopped for other stuff and decided to get two different types of mint -- chocolate with mint; white chocolate with peppermint. The chocolate melts like a charm. The white chocolate refuses to melt on the cookies. The cookies are getting cold and the peppermint is still solid. Finally nuke the peppermint and spread it on. Um, the chocolate ones look sooooooooo good. The peppermint ones look pretty sad -- kinda like red frosting gone amok (but they smell good).

    As I said previously the pinwheels had one of two looks: either really cute and edible or something the cats barfed up. Both tasted pretty good, though.

    Amazingly, the rugelach had no mishaps. Took forever to make but so worth it!

    Then it was time to decorate the sugar cookies. Did I mention I don't bake? Well, I decorate even less than I bake. I've never (and I mean NEVER) decorated a cookie before in my life. I'm using tips, tubes, whatever. The only ones that even vaguely resembled Christmas cookies (besides the cutout shape) where the ones with icing all over and sprinkles on top. Marie's were much better -- some even looked cute.

    Oh, forgot the thumb cookies. Did you know that if you fill the hole to the brim the preserve mixture bubbles over and runs over the edge of the cookie and onto the sheet. Leaves an interesting lacelike texture you can pull off with your fingers. The discolored cookies from the runoff can be easily disguised with powdered sugar.

    So, not too bad for two amateurs and we did have fun!
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    P.S. If you managed to read all of that, more power to you. I'll even send you some cookies if you send me your address.
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    It does sound like you guys had a good time.

    I'm no good at decorating, either. I leave that part to difficult child. She's the one with the artistic ability in the family.
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    Yum..I will take a few. Sounds like you had fun.

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    mb I'm baking with YOU from now on! You make baking sound like FUN! All that butter on your socks skating and such. :rofl:

    As per the decorating, your first shot at it sounds about like mine. And I think it was that way for a couple of years til I started getting the hang of it. My worst trouble with it was I could never seem to get the icing the right consistancy.

    I'm glad you guys had lots of laughs while you baked.
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    Oh, did you guys know it takes 7 dishwasher loads to make all of those cookies? And, yes, that's reusing the mixing bowls sans washing whenever possible. It also takes 3 food processors, three mixers (hand, stand and elbow), 4 sets of measuring cups and spoons and myriad and sundry other utensils.

    I've also decided it will take me approximately 2 years to get the cookie dough out of its respective hidden nooks and crannies. So far, I've gotten it off the counter, out of the sink, off of the 3 food processors, off the cats' fur (the dog ate all of his before I could catch him and what he missed, the cats got), off of the stove hood (top and inside) and burners, 6 cabinet doors, the pots which were in one of the cabinets and we mustn't forget the big ole blob on the back of my pants (which I had on when I made a quick store run and picked up the mail -- no wonder someone mentioned it looked like I was baking!).

    Did I mention I really don't bake and really don't like to bake?
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    Are you sure you weren't making BBK's Tequila Cookies?

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    I bet that this turns into a Christmas memory that you will laugh about for years.


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    I bet you this will be a Christmas memory guaranteed to keep me from ever considering baking cookies again.

    But, I agree, the memories are wonderful. Actually have printed out this thread to give Marie for her scrapbook ... will be in her Xmas stocking.
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    Awwww...I like that. You're such a good mom. :angel:
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    :smile: Back in the 60's I was asked to be the Assistant Brownie Troop Leader for easy child's group. The experienced leader asked me if I would have the December meeting at my house and
    bake Christmas cookies with the girls. I said "sure". The meeting went fine and everyone went home with a plate of Xmas cookies and a big smile.

    True story. I was removed from my position the next day.
    Why?? I taught the girls how to slice and bake. :rofl: Darn, I
    didn't know they were suppose to be "from scratch".

    I still decorate slice and bake with the grandchildren and they
    cut into shapes just fine and they hold the icing just fine and
    they always taste good. This old dog isn't learning new tricks.

    on the other hand, I am really impressed that you gave your all. :smile: DDD
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    Slice and bake is what we did for Santa when Marie was little but she's been wanting to bake them for years. I just kept finding excuses to say no. Ran out of excuses this year. Won't need an excuse next year!