Man Declared Dead, then LIVES!!

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    This is a really really great story!

    The man was declared dead, then spent 4 months in the hospital. As the family was paying their last respects he moved his hand.

    The docs scraped a pocketknife across his foot, and he reacted.

    The family saw the brainscans and other tests showing NO brain function, no chance of recovery.

    Well, he is home now!!! After 48 days inpatient recovering, he is now working on the recovery at home.

    This is a truly amazing story. They were literally getting ready to take him to surgery to harvest his organs. Life support was doing everything.

    As a mom, I can only imagine the pain the family was in, and the complete joy they are now feeling.
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    Great story. Guess I'm glad someone carries a pocket knife these days!!

    On a scary/funny note, my ex used to be a pilot. He would fly to remote places up in the Dakotas to pick up deceased and bring them back to their original home for burial. One night he was transporting someone and he sat up right in the middle of the twin Cessna (very small two-seater plane). Ex about had a heart attack.

    Guess it's fairly common, but it was a nerve reaction. The guy was deceased, but still had some body functions going on. He said he dropped a good 1000 feet before regaining composure.

  3. Star*

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    I think BOTH those stories are wild.

    - I would have a thought though - after someone wakes up from being dead - have someone edit what he says before the news prints it.

    This man said he'd put doctors out a window and only the good die young and he's still here -

    Doesn't sound like he thinks much of himself or others and I think that was unfair to print. The news could have used a bit of tact or something considering the guy was legally dead.

    NEAT STORY - the news strikes again.
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    That IS a weird story! I read it in the paper today.

    We had an old man here in our town that died TWICE ... in the same day. The second time, he stayed dead! He was in our local hospital (the one I won't set foot in!) in really bad shape and they knew he wouldn't last long. His loved ones were gathered around as he took what they thought was his last breath. The doctor came in and pronounced him dead and after an appropriate amount of weeping and wailing, his wife and children went trouping down the road to the funeral home to pick out a casket. Then, maybe a half hour later, he started breathing again! The family had just picked out a nice casket and were making funeral arrangements when the hospital called the funeral home ... wouldn't you LOVE to have heard that phone call! "Ummm ... we made a mistake ... he's not dead yet!" So the family loaded up and drove back to the hospital. They gathered around his bedside and several hours later he died again, this time for good!
    :faint:... :doctor:
    I feel so ashamed of myself for finding this funny, but I just can't help it. It sounds like a scene from a Monty Python movie ... remember the one where they were wheeling a cart around the little village to gather up the bodies of the plague victims, yelling "Bring out your dead!" And they kept telling the one sick guy to get in the cart and he kept trying to explain that he wasn't dead yet! "Well, you soon will be ... get in!"

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    I watch the history channel and love it - anything I can watch and learn.

    So the reason there is a graveyard shift is because back when they buried the dead. When space became scarce - someone got the idea to dig them up and inside the caskets claw marks were found on several lids.

    This is why we have what is called a wake today. To make sure that the person does not 'awaken'. Most times they were held in the house so if the departed soul returned - they would be in their own house.

    Also - graveyard shift came about due to the above mentioned caskets - after finding so many lids scratched and in some cases satin torn - upon dying and burial a string would be tied to your finger or toe. The string ran up to the top of the dirt and attached to a bell on a stick. SOmeone would have to sit in the graveyard all night and listen for the bell - hence the term graveyard shift.

    -class dismissed.
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    I saw this story yesterday-it is a neat story!