Management of ADHD

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    Video again.
    Some day I need to file against the internet, for discrimination against persons with disabilities.
    I can NOT hear stuff over the computer. (well, I can't hear much of anything most of the time).

    How about a synopsis?
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    I'm so glad that you found that video because it is an excellent overview of ADHD and the lifelong effects. Russell Barkley has written a bunch of books that many of us have read over the years. I learned some new things about delivery methods etc. The man is THE expert and it was worth one hour and twenty minutes of my time to get the latest info on how this disorder is being currently researched. It's come a long way since the 60's when GFGmom was disfunctional and I was going nuts trying to help her. Vyvance, by the way, is what my youngest grandchild takes and I didn't know how it differed until tonight...thanks to you. DDD