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thank you all :smile: I am as we speak at what is supposed to be a fairly ok (nice even) hotel. Didn't bode well when there was no TP in the room :wink: . Then the wireless internet wasn't working so I got hosed into paying a crazy amount for one day of some sort of tv internet that you can't navigate only to get fed up and head to lobby to find that it was my room that didn't have wireless, it is in the "bowels" of the building. Anyhow, installed some booster thing so I'm getting a weak signal but at least I have one LOL.

I had a frustrating 45 min. phone call with difficult child's teacher last night and I think she's more difficult child than difficult child. So I sprung him for a break and towed him along. He's "resting" (count so far sleeping 4 1/2 hours) "so I can be rested for tonight". I'm thinking, ummm, what exactly do you need to be rested for? It's a hotel. LOL Anyhow, he's company for me and we have a night away from home!

Have some tests and then another MRI at 4p.m. nearby at the hospital, then I guess we'll go somewhere for dinner, then plan to come relax in hot tub and then go see a movie. Nothing stressful test wise today which is nice for a change.

Thanx for the good thoughts :smile: Hope some of these tests finally give me some answers. I am a medical mystery LOL.



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I hope all goes well with your tests. Finally you'll get some much needed answers. Enjoy the hot tub, and the hotel stay!-Alyssa


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Thank you all again. First time I became panicky in a MRI machine. It seemed to go on forever. I'm glad it's over, hopefully this is the last one. Phew/Whew! Some humour to be had at least, apparently there is a former nurse with my name from the hospital I was at, so everyone kept popping down to see me only to be told wrong person. When I got out, there were 3 nurses waiting to see me, well the faux me LOL. Apparently the hospital buzz that it was the wrong me didn't reach them. They were disappointed. Gave me a chuckle.

Laying still flat on my back did a number, so difficult child and I had a 20 minute soak in the hot tub then we went to the mall attached to our hotel and watched Invisable. It was a pretty good movie. difficult child begged to go in our PJ's :wink: So I thought what the heck, so we did. Got some strange looks crossing through the lobby HAHA. Anyhow we are back in our room, going to order difficult child some late dinner and watch some movies in our room. It has been nice having alone time with difficult child, for first time medical travel has been actually fun for the most part :).

Thanx again for your good thoughts. I hope this gives us some answers for sure!