Maybe do a list of slang terms?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse Archives' started by EastCoastChris, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. EastCoastChris

    EastCoastChris New Member

    I thought maybe a list of street terms for drugs or alcohol might be a good thing to do and then archive.
    Since I know very little maybe one of you experienced moms can start it.
    Just a thought.
  2. KimmieC

    KimmieC New Member

    Fran, I thought there already was such a post
    in the Archives. I know I have read it via
    this site. Maybe someone posted a site? DDD
  3. The_Arc

    The_Arc New Member

    Aw gheese.....

    Can I 'roll' it around and 'kick it' for a few days? This kinda jive always 'dusts' my head and 'bangs' my shroom brain. Dudeeeee.

    Yes, quite appropriate post. Would like to know how to communicate with juvenile drug users. Always good to be one up.
  4. KimmieC

    KimmieC New Member

    OTE, Are you good or what??? You blowed my
    brain with your quick recall!!
  5. ck1992

    ck1992 New Member

    Yeah- I've posted these two sites on several occasions the past year. Guess that's where OTE got them. I don't know if they are archived, but think it would be a great idea if they aren't.

  6. ahall

    ahall New Member

    Thanks, oh Queen of Links, Suz!!! See how much you are missed! I knew there was something posted before, but when I couldn't find it in the archived posts, I thought maybe I just had it bookmarked here at home. Worked a bit late today, and just got a chance to get on here a home. Thanks for posting them!

  7. EastCoastChris

    EastCoastChris New Member

    Ok,Ok, so I'm not as up to "snuff" on substance abuse. I didn't remember that the slang thing was asked before.

    Eph, do you think you want to archive this?
  8. The Leslie

    The Leslie New Member

    One posted by DDD originally and has tons of info including slang terms!
  9. ahall

    ahall New Member

    Yes, Fran. I think it would be good to archive. I really thought it already was - but it was in my bookmarked things here at home.

    Thanks -
  10. ahall

    ahall New Member

    I'm going to put this in the Teen and Substance Abuse "Archive" file - for future reference. Thanks for everyone's input.