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    The principal went to the sd team meeting with other agencies or whatever that was to determine if sd should recommend the county (FAPT) meeting for my son/me. They determined not to. I don't know why- apparently they didn't feel it was the sd's place. But, the coordinator that I had spoken to before was there and had the principal tell me if I was seeking Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement, call this phone number and ask for a staffing meeting. Anything else would need to go thru PO.

    Well, if the profs had written a single letter recommending Residential Treatment Center (RTC) now, instead of after seeing if in-home helps first, I could justify doing that. However, I am not sure how to proceed now. I did call the number and left a message. I think I'll go file a chins, if they;'ll let me, then request a hearing for difficult child to be removed from probation because I cannot access any services myself while he's on probation and po is not pursuing any, in spite of the fact the pprofs have recommended it. How's that?

    Oh- difficult child is getting discharged today.
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    I am exhausted for you!!! You have done so much to get the services your son needs. I am shocked that the PO will not recommend an Residential Treatment Center (RTC). That is exactly how my daughter got into her last one - through probation. In fact, I had changed my mind and was second guessing my decision to have her placed but the PO basically said that was too bad. She knew that my daughter truly needed to be placed. How on earth can this PO justify not placing your son. She knows he needs it. You have shown her ample proof. What is her deal??? It sounds like she is just be spiteful for whatever reason.

    I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. You truly are a WARRIOR MOM!!! Hang in there. :)
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    The pO didn't say that- she has not responded at all- to anyone. The letter from psychiatric hospital recommended in home services first, then if they don't work, Residential Treatment Center (RTC). So, I don't see how I can shoot straight for Residential Treatment Center (RTC)- difficult child's therapist didn't recommend that in his letter either. When psychiatric hospital was trying to decide between Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and in-home, they spoke with difficult child's therapist and went with what he said. I personally think he should have discussed it with me first- given that he's only seen difficult child since Nov and I'm the one living with difficult child and the knives.
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    I am so sorry. I hate that every single group involved seems to not want to get involved. Your son deserves the help he needs. He is so smart, and capable of doing such great things in this world if only he could get the help he needed.

    I wish you lived here. We could get you into a long-term psychiatric hospital or find some other solution to this problem.

    You truly are a Warrior Mom. You have fought harder than anyone I know of, and you have had the idiot system fight you every step of the way!

    I am so sorry. Please do what you need to do to stay safe.
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    I'm sorry the MDT let you down. How incredibly frustrating again. I think you should go ahead with yoru CHINS request and letter.. nothing to lose there. I also think it will get the issues with the PO in front of the judge. If for some reason they will not let you have that hearing, I would go to the head of court services ASAP, the head honcho over all the POs, and complain. Your son has a diagnosed mental illness, has been hospitalized, and she is ignoring it completely and not even attempting to get him services that are available through the courts.

    Have you called the U of R group yet? I think that was a great suggestion. I know you're probably sick of telling this story over and over, but it's worth a shot. Since you're preparing that letter to the judge anyway, that's something you could forward to U of R to summarize the situation up front.

    I hope all goes well with difficult child's discharge. Stay strong and take things one step at a time. Please don't hesitate to call if you need to talk.
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    So, he's coming home tonight?
    I hope the transition goes well. I will be thinking of you. I'm sending calming wishes and clarity. And hugs.
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    Wow. Sending hugs and strength. Please take care.
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    Yep, he's home so far so good. He took the garbage out without being asked- that's a good sign!

    Thanks Crazy & Terry! No, I have gotten around to contacting and copying all others yet. I had a meeting at school today that I posted at on the Special Education forum- they (ed spec & sd sw) said that because I want to pursue changing class. from ed to ohi, that they need to do evaluations that might knock difficult child out of eligibility to be on iep and that they have lots of disabled kids who aren't on IEP's. Let them try finding him ineligible for iep- we'll be in mediation over that one. I was shicked too- it's normally the people on the "lower" rungs of the ladder trying to refuse things and the higher ups acknowledging some need. If the cm at school is honest about all they are doing to help difficult child at school (albeit, it isn't enough), it is clear that his disability effects his ability to learn.

    So even though an IEP is not supposed to be jjust for "bad behavior" and even though the ED class isn't supposed to labe a kid as a bad kid, they clearly are admitting that my son was put on an iep 3 years because of behavior and now he isn't a behavior problem anymore - that is the way this county does things. Well, I think that position is not in compliance with wrightslaw, personally. But, I'm glad my son got his behavior at school straightened out so now they can see things like this written from teachers: "behavior is good, however attention is poor", "poor organization skills", "trouble focusing", etc.

    I'm starting to think the the people hired in the sd Special Education dept (at the central office) are hired to make sure the sd has to accommodate and pay for minimal services, and that's their primary role.
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    Thanks, KTMOM- you snuck in on me!
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    I can't get my husband to take the dang garbage out without being asked!!! Good for him. I hope to hear of more good news soon.

    My thoughts are with you. I hope that gosh darn PO starts doing her job soon and you get what you need for him. Whether it be in-home services or an Residential Treatment Center (RTC), she needs to take her head out of her "you know what" and get this kid what he needs!!!!

    Keep us posted. :)
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    Dylan needed a psychiatric (not psychological) referral to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). From there, we had to turn that over to MH/MR (Mental Health/Mental Retardation) so they could give the referral to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    Do you have some type of local MH/MR agency around? I'd do a search and see. I couldn't get a referral to Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for any of my kids from Children and Youth Services, we had to use MH/MR and a psychiatric evaluation every single time.

    I wouldn't suspect the school would be able to help you with that, so I'm not surprised. I'm sorry, though, that you were disappointed.

    If your son is on Probation, that P.O. should have done more. She should be able to get the ball rolling on that. Pity she didn't.

    Hope the night goes well.
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    Just reading your post make me tired. You are the poster child for warrior mom.

    I pray that if he really needs Residential Treatment Center (RTC), that he does something not-harmful-but-big-enough-to-get-these-moron's-attention.

    Sending strength and hugs.
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    I read all your posts, just don't always know what to say....mostly I jsut want to give you ((((HUGS)))) for all that you've gone thru to get him help. I'm just shocked and very angry that there are road blocks at every attempt you've made. Geez, it shouldn't ever be this hard to get the psychological/therapeutic help that some of our kids NEED!!
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    I don't know why you are trying to change the code from ED to OHI...right now you have so much on your plate. As long as you have a code and an IEP in place you can recieve services....if you start messing around it is true they may decide that your child does not have educational impact...I know he is not attending school which indeed is educational impact...because if he is not there he can not be learning..which will lead to impact...I can't imagine going through all that you have.....I guess I'm not sure your focus right now should be on changing the code...I think perhaps you should stick with trying to find the right placement and/or sevices for him.

    by the way are you wanting OHI based on a bi-polar diagnosis? If not what health impairment are you trying to use to get difficult child qualifiied for OHI?

    I"ve had these discussion with parents before and although bipolar can be coded under OHI...if the behavior is truly the source of the impact and the types of goals written are all behavioral....ED may be the way to go...

    Sending hugs---;)
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    Aw Klmno,
    I'm sorry the sd didn't support FAPT. If that meant the sd would have to pay for it, that probably has a lot to do with why they didn't support it.

    Glad difficult child's transition home has gone smooth so far. Hugs.
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    I wanted to chime in and say that the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation recommends the OHI designation on an IEP, to take away the "stigma" of an ED diagnosis with teachers. ED, for some teachers, makes them think that a difficult child has some control over his/her behavior and he is just a "Problem child." Bipolar is a brain disorder, a chemical imbalance, which needs to be controlled by medication, therefore it is a health problem. I got this change for my Youngest for that very reason. I think klmo's school district is employing stall tactics on this one.. which ticks me off to no end. She lives in the county nextdoor to mine, so this is not a state issue.

    I swear klmo, if it didn't mean expense for you plus starting all over again on this ride, I'd say move to my county lol

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    Thanks all! Crazy, you are correct. I understand what IDEA says and the intention, but the reality is that this sd has listed under it's definition of ED something that basicly indicates a behavioral problem. This is what the teachers learn. The way this effects things is 1) with the ED class, some services cannot be access because everything listed in the iep for that child must be indicated as behavior modification oriented and 2) it has taken over 3 years for things like inattention in class to be listed as "unable to stay focused" instead of "refuses to pay attnetion". I understand that it makes no difference if accomodations are provided; but the appropriate accomodations don't get provided if people read something and assume that it's a behavior issue, not a problem that the child can't help. Not to mention the fact that the difference in the way teachers treat my son, talk to him, etc is soooo different when they understand that he is exhibiting these things due to an illness, not due to his choice. And, the proof in the pudding is the fact that for the past 18 mos since we've been approaching things this way at school, my son is no longer considered a behavioral problem- even without ANY behavioral modification tactics in place.

    The reason I am addressing it now is 1) it is his time for the required 3 year review and the diagnosis changed within that time and right now, people are available at school to verify that he is not posing a behavioral problem in class or at school, however, without the accommodations that they are providing, my son would have flunked out already2) he is due to change to high school, with entirely new personnel at the end of this school year- in the best scenario- or others will be looking at his IEP through county assistance, Residential Treatment Center (RTC), or whatever. If it is written "refuses to pay attention" instead of "cannot pay attention" it makes a world of difference in things. Not to mention, that at least in this school, with the ED class, all goals, benchmarks, etc must either be written as behavioral or academic. Under OHI, you can get things in there like social goals, etc. Therefore, whether or not this is the way it is supposed to be, accommodations are indirectly limited.

    Two examples come to mind: 1) my son has suicidal tendencies at times. I hope people can understand that those do effect his ability to perform and meet his academic potential. If the sd involves him in certain social, recreational, sporting activities, these tendencies improve, therefore he can perform better at school. Right now, he can't get anything like that written in his iep because he's listed as ED. They do provide it for him at his school, in a very limited way, but it's not because it's written anywhere and he's going to need this in high school2) One of the therapuetic goals for my son is to learn triggers for mania and depression and then learn how to manage mood cycling as much as possible. Right now, this is listed as a "behavior" issue. Would it be a behavior issue if it was a diabetic trying to learn physical signs that blood sugar was dropping? Is it a school issue? Yes, in my humble opinion, if it's happening at school and effecting their ability to learn, it's a school issue.

    There are other things- my son tests low in executive functioning areas, as is typical for kids with BiPolar (BP), and that effects things at school. When he;;s cycling or unstable, he can't get to school. Is that a behavior issue? Should that be portrayed in a way that leads teachers to believe that he's refusing to go to school just because he doesn't want to?
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    Got home late, just checking in. Glad the homecoming is going ok, sorry about the other stuff. Sigh. Thinking of you xo ML