Measles Persistence Confirmed in Some IBD, Autistic Enterocolitis Patients

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    June 20, 2000

    Measles Persistence Confirmed with Autistic Enterocolitis
    Measles Persistence Confirmed in Some IBD, Autistic Enterocolitis Patients

    Japanese and UK-based scientists have detected measles virus sequences
    in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from patients with Crohn's
    disease, ulcerative colitis and autistic enterocolitis - the recently
    described syndrome purportedly associated with measles-mumps-rubella
    Dr. Hisashi Kawashima from Tokyo Medical University and colleagues
    there and in London explain that previous studies have suggested that
    measles virus may be present in the intestine of Crohn's disease patients.
    They also allude to the reported association between measles-mumps-rubella
    (MMR) vaccination and some cases of autistic enterocolitis, a syndrome of
    gastrointestinal symptoms and developmental regression in children leading
    to autism. Numerous other reports, however, have discounted that
    In the present study, the authors examined PBMCs from patients with
    these disorders, in order to determine whether any detected measles viruses
    were derived from wild-type or vaccine strains.
    The study team reports in the April issue of Digestive Diseases and
    Sciences, that "one of eight patients with Crohn's disease, one of three
    patients with ulcerative colitis and three of nine patents with autism, were
    positive [for measles virus sequences]." In contrast, measles virus was not
    detected in any control patients.
    According to the paper, measles sequences isolated from Crohn's
    patients were characteristic of wild-type strains, whereas those from
    patients with ulcerative colitis and autism had characteristics of vaccine
    strains. The study investigators note that these "results were concordant
    with the exposure history of patients."
    In an interview with Reuters Health, Dr. Kawashima said that "because
    measles vaccine and sporadic strains were detected in several immunologic
    diseases, the implications of our study are uncertain." He added that
    "whilst the detection of measles viruses in Crohn's disease are not
    important, if further cases of autistic enterocolitis are detected after MMR
    vaccination, our study will be very significant."
    At an April hearing of the House Government Reform Committee, the
    National Network for Immunization Information stated that there is no
    scientific evidence to suggest that autism is associated with childhood
    vaccination. Dig Dis Sci 2000;45:723-729.
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    Very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to post this and all the other information you bring to the board.
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    WOW, gotta love that MMR shot huh!!
    Just like those guys were saying in the senate hearings.. I sure wish people would start listening to them!


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    you are welcome. [​IMG] I think they need to figure these things out. Find out who may have this type of problem, who might be susceptable to other infections, toxins and whatever else is going on.

    I received some other info today that is in regards to the vaccine preservative, Thimerosol. Now I am suspicious about whether this could play a role. I am extremely allergic to this, but never knew it was in these vaccines. The way I found out was when I put things in or near my eyes that had this ingredient. I would end up with major eye infections.
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    I have heard alot of thermersol allergies. I think I have a slight allergy to it? I went to disposable lenses so I wouldnt have to use the cleaners.
    And I belive my husband said he was allergic to it..
    I cant belive they'd use that in vaccines cuz many people are allergic to that!! Makes you wonder!!!

    7 yr old girl Bipolar/ADD/ODD
    Currently on a new natural treatment (wish me luck)
    off ALL medications!!
    Fav. Funny quote- "Yesterday I was a dog. Today I'm a dog. Tomorrow I'll
    probably still be a dog. <Sigh!> There's so little hope for advancement."
    - Snoopy

    "With out God, my life would fall apart"
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    Worse than allergies is that thermosal contains mercury which is extremely neurotoxic to infants and children.
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    Bookmom- That is actually what the info was about. I am wondering if it is playing a double role as toxin and allergen. There seem to be alot of people with metal allergies. Here it is if anyone is interested.

    Alert on Flawed Mercury Study /Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning

    [From Teresa Binstock, autism researcher.]

    On June 21-22, 2000, the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization
    Practices (ACIP) will be meeting in Atlanta. Vaccine-preservative Thimerosal
    and its ethylmercury is on the agenda, as is the whitewash "study" hastily
    prepared as Davis RL et al, whose authors include a primary participant in
    early-infant injections of ethylmercury -- eg, the early hepB.
    Letters to the ACIP have been prepared by each of the
    vaccinal-mercury/autism co-authors.
    Mine is herein below (with a few typos corrected). If you'd like a .doctor
    format of the letter, please write me off-list and I'll e-send you a copy.
    This post may be shared and reposted into other lists.
    Perhaps a reporter or several can be encouraged to attend the Atlanta
    conference, especially a reporter willing to peruse letters from the
    autism/mercury co-authors plus from Susan Owens, as well as listening (with
    a critical ear) to CDC pronouncements of the whitewash sort.
    To: Members, ex officios, and liaisons June 19, 2000
    Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
    Centers for Disease Control; Atlanta GA USA
    Fr: Teresa Binstock
    Researcher in Developmental & Behavioral Neuroanatomy
    Box 1788; Estes Park CO 80517 USA
    re: vaccinal ethylmercury, Davis RL et al study, EPA's recommended mercury
    I am a co-author of Bernard et al, a paper which identifies vaccinal
    ethylmercury as etiologically significant in autism and other
    neurodevelopmental syndromes [See accompanying article]. (1). Today I
    comment upon the neurologic effects of thimerosal in vaccines given to
    infants, toddlers, and elderly individuals during the last 60 years.
    1. As you know, thimerosal is a vaccine preservative which is 49.7%
    ethylmercury, a substance whose toxicity is similar to that of methylmercury
    (2). As a result, and according to data in hundreds of published studies, a
    preponderance of evidence indicates that (a) thimerosal causes neurologic
    damage in susceptible infants and toddlers, and (b) the increasing rate of
    autism during the last three decades (3) is likely to have been caused by
    physicians who injected ethylmercury during vaccinations (1).
    2. Since our paper was made public in early April, a CDC group led by
    Robert L. Davis has enacted a large-scale thimerosal-study and has
    distributed two summary versions (3-4). I would like to thank Dr. Davis and
    his co-authors for initiating their study and would like to emphasize that
    the Davis et al study contains several major errors. Furthermore, if and as
    Davis et al correct those errors, the Davis et al data demonstrate that,
    indeed, thimerosal injected into infants and toddlers is causing neurologic
    problems such as autism and ADHD in susceptible individuals.
    3. In 1997, the EPA offered a guideline for a "safe" level of organic
    mercury and based that level on fetal effects via Iraqi mothers who had
    ingested grain containing methylmercury. Importantly, and this is a very
    important point, the EPA's "safe" level is too high and does not take into
    account the fact that organic-mercury toxicity has a dose-effects
    distribution whereby -- at low doses such as those in vaccines -- only a
    small percentage of individuals will be affected. To protect susceptible
    infants and toddlers and to correctly evaluate neurologic damage in children
    already diagnosed with neurologic problems, the EPA's recommended level for
    organic mercury must be lowered.
    4. A primary flaw in current versions of Davis et al arises from their
    use of the EPA "safe" level as a basis for interpreting Vaccine Safety Link
    data (4-5). Importantly -- and this too is a very important point -- if
    Davis et al correct their model in accord with a lower safe-limit for
    ethylmercury, so as to account for bolus doses and susceptibility factors,
    then the data in Davis et al are highly consistent with a conclusion that
    thimerosal-induced neurologic effects have resulted in autism-spectrum and
    associated disorders.
    In closing, I offer three points:
    First: My co-authors and I are preparing a detailed critique of flaws
    in the first two drafts of RL Davis et al and shall share them with Dr.
    Davis and his colleagues as soon as possible so that an article they might
    submit (eg, to the journal Pediatrics) can be corrected before submission
    and publication.
    Second: As established in the initial Bernard et al review (1) and as
    further documented in a condensed version I have submitted to our group and
    provided to the ATSDR's Mike Allred and to the ACIP's Gloria Kovach: For a
    number of genetic and non-genetic reasons, some infants and toddlers have
    increased susceptibility to organic mercury compounds. As a result, the EPA'
    s "safe" limit is dangerously high and ought be lowered.
    Third: If Richard L. Davis et al consider bolus-dose effects and
    susceptibility-factors and then revise their model accordingly, then their
    conclusion will state that the Vaccine Safety Datalink data are consistent
    with thimerosal's neurologic impairment of children. Safe chelation
    therapies ought be initiated in affected children; delay in initiating such
    therapies will potentiate increased neurotoxicity in susceptible children
    whose brains already contain vaccinal ethylmercury from thimerosal.
    Sincerely, Teresa Binstock
    1. Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning. Bernard S, Enayati A, Roger
    H, Redwood L. Binstock T; April 3, 2000; revised May 17, 2000; originally
    distributed via webpage of Cure Autism Now! Foundation,
    2. Suzuki T, Takemoto TI, Kashiwazaki H, Miyama T. Metabolic fate of
    ethylmercury salts in man and animal. Ch 12, p209-233 in: Mercury,
    Mercurials, and Mercaptans. Miller MW, Clarkson TW, editors; Charles C.
    Thomas, Springfield, 1973.
    3. Yazbak FE. Autism `99, a national emergency. Internet publication 1999.
    4. Davis RL, Verstraeten T, Gu D, DeStefano F, Thompson RS, Chen RT. Infant
    exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines and risk for subsequent
    neurologic and renal disease. AAP Conference webpage, May 2000.
    5. Davis RL, Verstraeten T, DeStefano F, Gu D, Pless R, Chen R, Black S,
    Shinefield H, Wise R, Ball L, Braun M. Risk of neurologic and renal
    impairment associated with Thimerosal-containing vaccines. Study summary
    with partial-data and statistics as presented to Bernard et al and others by
    Martin Myers, MD, CDC offices in WashDC, June 15, 2000.
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    Fascinating and very disturbing.

    My younger sister had an allergic reaction to Thimerasol many years ago when she first started using contact lenses, she's also an asthmatic so when Alex had a very localized allergic reaction to an immunization shot I immediately call the pediatrician. and sure enuf this is very, very common. So, what the heck are they using this stuff as a medium for??

    One of husband's co-workers has an autistic son, he developed normally until he was about 14 months old. Just after the admin of MMR he first developed IBS and progressively lost the speech he'd learned and stopped walking. Though he is doing well now, with extensive Early Intervention, it's very sad for them. And I think they feel guilty because they're convinced the MMR caused the autism.

    Thanks for all the research and information you provide.


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    moonglow New Member

    I worry about Nate...he needs one more MMR shot and another thing I found out is it is grown on eggs which he is allergic too. So I am not sure what I should do. All confusing to me.

    Julie with son named Nathan which mean a gift from God. Some gifts are hard one. Is allergic to eighteen different airborne things including mold, some grass, trees and dogs.Also food allergies: milk, eggs, soy and yeast. Motto: There is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to find the right tunnel.
    Nathan my difficult child, diagnosis with a senory intergration disorder and disruptive disorder, no medications, now four yrs old. Ketcup makes him know because of the vingear in it (yeast)
    Me, mom currently no medications. 39yrs old, an older mom but don't seem to be any wiser.
    DEX: totally insane but thinks everyone esle is.
    Wish some space alien's would come get him and take him back to their planet.(found out the aliens brought him here to get rid of him)
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    Kathy- It seems like alot of us become sensitive to it. I found out the same way when I was wearing contacts. I then started to get the same infections from soft lenses when I switched. I guess my eyes became sensitive to anything foreign after the thimerosol.
    Now this has come out about bowel disease and having measles, so it seems that both strains can cause problems in someone that is susceptable.


    Reuters Health - Early measles infection may increase the risk of
    developing Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, according to researchers
    from the Mayo Clinic.
    The report is the latest in a series of reports over the last few
    years, previously reported by Reuters Health, which have either bolstered or
    questioned the link between measles infection and inflammatory bowel
    Noting that others have found no difference in the rate of measles
    infection in those diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, Dr. Pardi and
    colleagues suggest that "infection before the development of full
    immunological competence may lead to viral persistence." They also suggest
    that other factors, such as infection with mumps virus, may contribute to
    the development of inflammatory bowel disease.
    The investigators also emphasized that their study did not consider
    the effect of measles vaccination, and "unless more compelling data become
    available to implicate measles vaccine as a risk factor for inflammatory
    bowel disease, we fully support the current recommendation for universal
    vaccination against measles."
    Am J Gastroenterol 2000;95:1480-1485.

    Julie-I know it worries you thinking about vaccines. I can't tell you what to do but I can tell you our peds opinions, if it helps. He doe's believe that most of them are important. The main things are to make sure the child has not been sick, that the immune system is not already really stressed. As far as egg is concerned, unless Nat has an anaphylactic type reaction, it would be the same as if he ate something he shouldn't. Dr G. has said that even though tests may show a reaction to egg, he doesn't remove it from the diet unless the child has eczema or other skin problems. In his experience he hasn't found it to be significant in the brain dysfunction. I hope this helps you in some way. We never are sure what to do and not do.

    According to this they are planning to remove Thimerosol from the vaccines.

    CDC Says Vaccine To Be Mercury-Free

    [By Bob Groves of the Record Online of Bergen County, New Jersey,
    Friday, June 16, 2000.]
    "The Food and Drug Administration had ruled for years that thimerosal
    was safe. Last year, however, the FDA recommended that thimerosal be
    discontinued after finding that some infants might build up harmful levels
    of ethyl mercury over time.
    "Our goal is to [achieve] a thimerosal-free children's immunization
    schedule by early 2001," said Glen Nowak, spokesman for the CDC immunization
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    The information on the vaccination stuff is too scant and politicized to know anything for sure. However, I do think we have gone overboard with the massive numbers of immunizations. I understand immunizing for horrible disease like polio, diphtheria, and tetanus. But we are now immunizing for routine childhood ailments that are rarely life threatening (measle, mumps, and rubells for instance or chickenpox-- I and every other person my age that I know had all of these as a child). I just don't think that we know enough to be doing so many vaccines or at least the ones that are for diseases that are almost universally self-limited should be optional. In other words, it should be mandatory to immunize for polio, but not for measles--up to the parents. Even though all kids in my day had these vaccines, we rarely heard of a learning disabled, ADD, or autistic child. Now, almost every boy on our street has a "diagnosis". (The rate of allergies and asthma is also skyrocketing. I sometimes wonder if the immune system needs to exercised with normal childhood infections in order for it not to get overactive and start churning out antibodies for asthma or allergies.) Something is certainly getting worse.
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    I meant to say that even though in my day almost all children had the infection (not the vaccine) we rarely heard of kids with learning disabilites or with behavioral disorders.