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    I was doing an online prescreening to see if I qualify for medicaid and I am confused because I can't see any place to see if I would for myself- doesn't medicaid include adults who are not disabled or pregnant? Does it depend on the state? Does anyone know of a link to find this out? My search about Medicaid said to go to my state's dss website but our dss website list does not include a link for medicaid except in the cases I listed above.

    Also, I was doing an online screening for something else and this question came up "Do you have a child 17 or under who is physically or mentally unable to care for himself or is subject to court supervision". But in a brief explanation section it referrs to that as "a special needs child". So what do they mean by "subject to court supervision"?

    On a good note, I was first intending to apply fo difficult child and myself since he was released from Department of Juvenile Justice (medicaid drops them when they are in state Department of Juvenile Justice) and although I should have done this the day after he waas released, I didn't. Then I put it off when he was put in detention a few weeks ago so I could wait to see if he was going bacck to Department of Juvenile Justice. Now I'm in that position again. But, if he returns home I can get something for him because he's a minor in my custody. As for me, while exploring insurance assistance and the old records from the military to prove I'm telling the truth about my previous mental health care, I learned that now I am apparently eligible for physical and mental health care thru the VA. I sure hope that rep was correct because I was not eligible before. I have no idea how long it takes the application to go thru- I'm doing it online now- but I need my rx'd allergy medications in a bad way. The OTC ones aren't near as good and between that and a bad tooth and needing to see a therapist, I am miserable. If this goes thru, it would at least take care of two of those problems. And I am hoping that the tooth somehow could be taken care of by them, too, but it would have to come out of the "basic dental" category so I'm not so hopeful on that one.

    And, if I see a therapist thru VA, I was told there is a good possibility that the VA therapist could find and access old therapist's notes about me that would not even be in my record that I can get or have released. So, that would be great, too!

    On the VA application, it asks if I'm medicaid eligible and I don't know if I am or not and that is what spurred the first questions in tthis post. It's an online app and I have to answwer either Yes or No.
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    I have never heard of a non-disabled adult being able to get Medicaid.
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    Yeah- I just found the answer. There is one way in this state- if it's a parent and you are applying for everyone in the family but that income level is so low, I can't imagine even being able to buy food. Still, I think difficult child will still qualify so if he can get that and I can get veteran's assistance, we'd be pretty good.