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    My son started seeing a psychiatrist at age 6. That is when he started medications.

    As far as school goes, does your son have an IEP? If so, there should be a re-evaluation date on the IEP. Also, you should be having yearly IEP meetings to review the current IEP.
    If he doesn't have an IEP and you feel his edcuation is being compromised by a disability of some kind, you have the right to ask the school to evaluate him.

    As far as when does the school step in? That depends on the school. It varies so much.
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    We started medicating at age 9. The pediatrician prescribed it, after we'd been seeing a child psychologist for several yrs. We could have done it sooner, but I still would not have done it b4 age 5, because I wanted to see how developmental issues played out.

    We met with-teachers every 3-5 mo's. When the problems worsened, we met with-staff (the WHOLE staff) every month. They basically told us we had to hold him back a grade.
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    With all due respect, there are no medications that treat ODD. There are medications that treat the underlying causes behind ODD behaviors (such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder). Until you know the underlying cause behind your difficult child's ODD behaviors, it is impossible to medicate. That's why we recomend an evaluation with a neuropsychologist or multidisciplinary team at a children's or university hosptial.

    Each of my children sees a child psychiatrist for medication management. difficult child 1 began ADHD medications at age 9 and bipolar medications at age 12; easy child/difficult child 2 began medications for depression at age 10; and easy child/difficult child 3 began medications for anxiety at age 8.
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    So what would you be medicating? You don't really know for sure whether he has ADHD.
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    Before medicating, I'd want to know for sure that you're not dealing with a mood issue rather than ADHD. Stimulants for ADHD can make mood issues worse.