Meeting in August?


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Hey guys, sorry I'm so out of the loop- last time I checked in, we were thinking of all getting together in August. Maybe somewhere out east/midwest?

Please let me know if this is still happening or has happened. I place the highest value on seeing the people in real life who supported and loved me in virtual life, until there was no other place to go.


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How are you doing, BG?

I don’t know anything about the meet-up, but glad to “see” you back here.


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Thanks, SWOT, I will check it out. I would get a lot out of meeting you all, but I understand if people are reluctant.

Apple, I'm not really sure how I'm doing-kind of treading water. People think I'm doing okay, because I put a good front on it, or push my feelings down, but every now and then they bubble up to the surface. I keep having insights into how scared and desperate and lonely Aaron probably most of the time and I just have this sense of disbelief that we couldn't save him from his demons...