Meeting tomorrow.

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    Thanks for the votes of confidence. If only wee could truly appreciate how many people are on his side....its amazing.

    Since I have not heard from the superintendant, I presume she will also be at the meeting tomorrow. That's ok.

    I plan to address the IEP first and foremost...a plan for when SpEd is not there. For now, that plan will be that Wee will not be at school. Not until there is a viable option in place.

    Then I want clarification on the handbook and "behavior management contingency plans". If I understand the handbook correctly, contingencies must be written into the IEP. "Suspensions" are not written into wee's IEP. We will clarify that.

    If that is not the case, we will clarify that and I plan to do my damnedest to get it written into his IEP that suspensions will not be used with him except in extreme circumstances (situations in which the police would be called). And if so, homebound services starting the next day.

    I also want clarification on the "short term suspensions (not more than 3 days)" guideline in the handbook.

    MO DESE is pushing "positive behavioral supports" instead of detention and for the district is free...I will be pushing for that for use with Wee in place of suspensions. SpEd is already doing it with him and its working fairly well.

    And we will update the IEP and BIP accordingly.

    I also plan to address what happened on Tuesday and how the IEP was not followed and why and the simple ways it could have easily been followed that would have resulted in a very different outcome. I have notes from 2 docs stating wee's outbursts are directly related to hsi disability, so I will address that, and I will argue my best case to have him in school come Monday, based on all of the info.

    If they want to tout policy and mandate, I can do that, too. And if they don't renig the suspension, I will demand homebound services. And it won't be from 3-8 every will be school hours, at the local library, or somewhere other than in wee's home. He is massively behind and suspensions don't improve his social skills or academics.

    I hate meetings like this, but I feel prepared for this one. I feel this group, even tho they didn't go about this at all the right way, does want to do what's right for wee...I feel good about this.

    Thanks for the support and listening to me gripe all these years.