meningitis vaccine??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Aug 23, 2007.

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    A letter came home from school stating if you are 11 -12 years old, entering high school or college you should get a meningitis vaccine.

    difficult child has so much anxiety and one thing is about meningitis. A few kids from our local high school (2 blocks away) died last year from it.

    difficult child has so many headaches that is his first fear. He thinks he has meningitis and will die.

    So..My concern now is if there are side effects. I tried looking it up on the web, checked several sites. All sites but one say no side effects. This vaccine was FDA approved in January, so it is still a new vaccine.

    Wondering what everyone's thoughts are?
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    I hadn't realized it was being recommended for this age group.
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    My son is severely disabled as a result of contracting meningitis two days after he was born while in the hospital. His pediatrician is out of CHOC and has waived my son from getting the meningitis vaccine because of my sons seizure disorder. I'm sure others will be along soon to share their thoughts. I too would be doing my research on this vaccine as well as talking to your sons doctor about it as well, You just never know.
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    Menactra is recommended for all children at their routine preadolescent visit (11 to 12 years of age). For those who have never gotten Menactra previously, a dose is recommended at high school entry.

    That was from the website. Also stated in a different site I was at. The letter from school also informed us with the same age. The letter said 11 - 12 year olds, high school and college students living in a dorm.

    I will do more reading, and watch for any advice from you guys..and talk to his pediatrician. I would hate to give him something to protect him and have a bad side effect. i would feel awful.
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    All medications and all immunizations can have side effects. The fact of the matter is that some people react to these substances, and frequently there is no predicting who will react to what. You always have to weigh the benefits against the risks. Talking to medical professionals you trust can help make the decision.

    FWIW, my daughter did not have Menactra at her 12-year-old checkup. My son, who is entering high school this fall, will be having Menactra sometime in the next few months.
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    easy child just had it in July. For her she had no side effects.
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    All vaccines have side effects. It's just like a bee sting or spider bite in that some people will react and some won't. Also, not all batches come from the same lab.
    Unless he's on a swim team or living in a dorm, I'd wait a yr or two until more side effects are reported.
    We've put off having the chix pox vaccine, too, hoping my son would get the Real McCoy. No such luck. We're stuck with-the fake one that only lasts 3 yrs. We'll probably get it next summer.
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    My easy child is at the doctor's office as I type getting his meningitis shot. He can't go to college without it. I'll let you know if it causes any side effects.
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    Chicken pox vaccine is mandatory for school. Either proof that they had it or proof of vaccine. difficult child is required to have his second vaccine for chicken pox before school this year.

    The menigitis is a real anxiety trigger for him. Being he gets so many headaches he is always worried he will die, that it is meningitis, makes me promise he won't die, makes dad promise he won't die. Gets really frustrating to see him so worked up.
    That is a main reason I am considering the vaccine. He will be at ease!