Microwave Salmon



Can you guys give me your fave microwave salmon recipes again?
I lost the recipe (s). They are yummy and easy.


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MY generic fish recipe - splash a bit of teriyaki sauce over the fish fillet. Cut some thin slices of ginger root and some shreds of spring onion (aka scallion) and sprinkle these over and under the fish fillet. Wrap the fish into a parcel - use foil for the oven or baking paper for the microwave. Make a neat parcel with the folds on top so it won't leak too easily, then cook in the oven until it's done. To check, open the parcel a little. You can even throw these parcels on the barbecue.

To aerve - put a parcel on each plate with a side bowl of fresh salad. Alternatively, make a fish parcel wrap with it, using a burrito or similar, and the salad inside it. Unwrap the paper/foil parcel and put the fish on the burrito.

Choose your recipe. Personally, I avoid too much bread becuse of the carbs, but I allow carbs which are wholegrain, and we've found wholegrain burritos. Works well!



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sorry I'm so late on this.

Class pyrex dish - spary a little pam.
Place salmon filet in pan, sprinkle with fresh garlic (fresh ginger as well if you like), fresh lemon juice, a little fresh dill if you have it, and a tiny pat of marg.
Cover with plastic wrap.
Micro for 5 minutes.
I do this with two and they are ready that quickly. You can turn them if you choose half way.


I'm glad you posted this. husband loves salmon and I'm always looking for new ways to cook it. I'm definitely printing Sharon and Marg's recipes. They sound delicious - Quick and easy too! WFEN