Mid-June check in

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by Wiped Out, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Thought I would start a new check-in. How is everyone doing right now in regards to healthy living?

    I'm doing well on the exercise/eating front. husband and I have both been tracking our points and exercising five times a week. I've dropped 11.4 pounds now in 8 weeks and am at my lowest that I've been in a long time. husband has lost almost 20 pounds.

    One of these days I'm going to post some of the recipes I've been trying, there are some really good ones.

    Anyone else with any new recipes?

    Now if I could just get over this sick thing. My fever broke today and the coughing is slowing down so I hope I'm on the mend.
  2. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    I am not doing well at all. For the last month or so, I've been having leg pain. My doctor said that leg pain is a side effect of one of the medications I'm on, and she said I was to call if I had "leg pain I didn't earn." Went to the gym, and hurt really badly for about four days afterwards. Worked three days, and slept most of one. Attended four HS graduations, requiring long walks from parking lots and climbs up/down steep stadium steps, and I'm hurting. I have trouble walking, it's hard to get up from a chair, and my legs are so restless at night that I can't get to sleep easily. After the last graduation, I was kicking and trembling so much that I didn't get to sleep until 5 am.

    I go to the doctor on Thursday, and the first thing I'm asking for is a definition of "leg pain I've earned."
  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Wiped out, what good progress. You are an inspiration.
    Ktmom, sorry to hear about your leg pain. Sounds pretty debilitating.

    I'm doing pretty well. I have been very disciplined since early May. I have taken off most of the weight I put on since mom got sick but I have about 4 lbs to go. I feel good but as you know this is a one day at a time battle.

    I would like to do more structured exercise but I can't seem to find the right fit yet. I am walking with the dogs but the weather is way too hot for any of us to walk too far or too fast. I need to set up the schedule but I have been saying that for a while now.
    I need weights as well as aerobics. Oh well, one battle at a time.
  4. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Sharon (WO), It's nice to hear that you're doing so well - Way To Go!!!:D

    KTMOM91, I'm glad you're going to the doctor on Thursday. I hope you feel better soon!!!

    Fran, I'm glad you're feeling good and have been doing so well with healthy eating. I agree - It's definitely a "one day at a time" sort of thing. Like you, I need to do weights.

    I've been doing well as far as eating goes. At this point, I don't need to lose weight - I just need to firm up. I know I should be doing weights - I don't know what it's going to take to get me motivated to do them. As far as aerobics, I've been jogging as much as my schedule and the weather allows. I'm very fortunate that the drug I've been taking since March, for arthritis, is working.

    However, my stress level, even with jogging is at an all time high. There is just too much going on in my life right now - Problems with both difficult children, difficult child 2's upcoming hearing, typical teen issues with easy child, husband's health, etc... (I keep reminding myself that I'm very lucky husband is still here...). I know I need more time to myself, but realistically, I know it's going to be awhile before I get it...

    Anyway, I'm trying to take things one day at a time. I'm trying to think of all the positives in my life and concentrate on those. WFEN

    Sharon (WO), Thanks for starting this thread - We needed it!!!
  5. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!

    Sharon (WO)--Congratulations! Sounds like you and husband are really doing well with the healthy eating and exercising. Hope that cough clears up soon.

    KTMom--Gosh. Earned or not, it sounds like your doctor needs to weigh in about that leg pain. Pain that's just from exertion should not make it that difficult to get up out of the chair.

    Fran--You're right about it being one day at a time. Good for you for keeping up with the disciplined eating and exercising. I agree that you should add weight exercises slowly. The last thing you need is to dive in too quickly, injure yourself and cause a setback.

    WFEN--Do try to find time to take care of you. It really is hard when there's so much else going on around you, but if you get crushed under the stress, then you won't be able to keep it together for the rest of your family. I know that we moms have a tendency to think of looking after ourselves as selfish, but it's really a question of self preservation. Glad to hear that you've been able to get out running. (I"m so jealous)

    As for me, I'm just tired. Plum tuckered out, which is a very strange state of affairs for me, as I'm used to being full of energy and a bit hyper most of the time. I've had to slow down to a standstill, and it just feels so odd.

    I'm finding the partial bed-rest to be a bit of a strain. Short work days, LOTS of sofa surfing, and plenty of time sitting in bed with my feet up. husband has put a drafting chair in the kitchen so that I can sit high enough to reach the countertops, and wheel myself around the room.

    Little easy child has been an absolute angel, making his own breakfast, picking up after himself, sweeping floors, helping to fold laundry. The other night, he brought a bunch of story books into my room, curled up with me while we read them, and then he tucked me in and turned out the light. I keep thinking, "Who are you and what have you done with my little mischief maker?"

    I have been trying my best to make healthy food choices, but eating has become such a chore. Between the limited stomach capacity, heartburn and morning sickness (sadly, that never did go away), I find it hard to be interested in eating much of anything. I've been relying on nutritional supplement shakes (with the okay of my OB-doctor), with the occasional meal thrown in just to stave off boredom.

    I have dreams of sitting down to a full meal. Lying on my stomach. Walking up 10 stairs without having to sit down for a rest. I want my body back!

  6. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Mary-It definitely sounds like a visit to the doctor is needed. I am sorry you are feeling so poorly.

    Fran-Glad you are doing well right now. You are so right about it being a one day at a time battle. How great that you have only 4 pounds to go but I do know what you mean about it being a one day at a time battle.

    WFEN-I'm sorry things are so stressful right now. You really do have a lot on your plate. With all that you have going on I think it's great that you are getting in your jogs! I know what you mean about weights. I've been doing them for three years now but was saying I needed to do them for three years before that.

    Trinity-How sweet that easy child is being such a helper. husband sounds very creative-cool chair! I'm sorry you are so tired out and still dealing with morning sickness. I know you are used to having so much more energy. Hugs.
  7. ML

    ML Guest

    WO - wow! that's terrific. How neat that husband is your partner in this. It must make it so much more fun having him on board.

    KTMom I hope the docs get to the bottom of this leg pain. That has to be your first priority now. Just try to eat healthy and when you're feeling better you can get back to a workout routine.

    Fran, you are doing so great. You inspire me because you're doing this as a marathon, a true lifestyle, for the longhaul gig. It helps me to put the bad days into perspective and I thank you for that.

    WFEN thank goodness for your success because I can't imagine how you would be handling all that stress otherwise. As far as weights, I just started to incorporate 10 minutes into my workday. I brought in handweights and I have a little room near my work station that I go into for 10 minutes and just do arms. I figure with my walking and trampolening that I'm working the legs enough. It's not exactly a full on weight workout but it's a start.

    Trin I'm sorry that food isn't exciting and that you're on partial bedrest. Just try to move those body parts as much as you can. I was on full bedrest and remember the nurses telling me to do little circular movements with my legs to prevent muscle atrophy. I'm glad you can move some and encourage you to make the best of that. You will get your body back soon enough and will make up for the nonactivity taking care of the twins. I'm so proud of your little guy.

    I'm exercising by walking and jumping and feeling some muscle tone which is nice. After about 2 months or so I've lost about 6 pounds which is exremely slow but again, it's not a sprint to the finish line. I still have bad days of course but I'm better at stopping after one or two if you know what I mean. I can control the compulsivity more than before. In other words after 2 or 3 cookies and that feeling of "I blew it I might as well eat the rest of the box" isn't as strong. I have about 7 more pounds to go so maybe by my birthday in Sept I will have something to celebrate.


  8. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    ML-Sounds like you are doing well! You are right it is not a sprint but a marathon, a true journey!
  9. Nomad

    Nomad Guest

    Wiped Out, Fran...others...
    Way To Go!
    I've gained weight this past month due to stresses of planning a family wedding. It was NOT a good time for this to happen.
    Now that the wedding is over, I find it MUCH easier to focus. I've lost two pounds this week. I find it a constant battle.
  10. ML

    ML Guest

    Good for you Nomad! I agree that it is a constant battle. We may lose certain battles but if we stay in the game, we've won the war.