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    Sign me up now!
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    Thank you, I'm sending this to my daughter.
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    These are FAR from new. I have had them for several years now, and my pain docs have done them for a whole lot longer. The woman in the video is NOT typical in being able to go longer between shots. They use a mixture of steroids and something like lidocaine (there are several similar medications that end in "-caine" and docs often have a favorite) and you can have these as often as once every 4-6 weeks though they don't start giving them that frequently.

    They can be VERY helpful, they are more convenient than taking daily medications orally, and they seem to have fewer side effects than most preventatives. I love them, but they just don't work that well anymore for me.

    These are not just for the nerve behind the eyes. They are used in several places on the back of the head depending on the type of migraine and your particular symptoms and how you react as they poke and prod the back of your head and your neck. The shots don't hurt very much, not like other steroid shots, but you get this really strange crackling sound and feeling. Sort of like rice krispies inside your head, but caused by how they move the needle inside to get the entire area saturated with the medicine. I usually have a weird lump on each side of the back o my head where the medications are but it goes down in a day or so and unless they are feeling for it, no one else sees or notices it.

    this is a super fast thing to have done. The paperwork takes longer than this does, but it can be very helpful. I don't know if regular family docs can do this or not, but a neurologist can and so can a pain management doctor.