Mikey, how are things progressing?


Going Green
Just thought I'd see how things were going in the land of Sir Pots - A - Lot. Haven't seen an update in a few days. Is the study still progressing?


Psycho Gorilla Dad
I guess so. He had his first session last week. I guess the session went well, but he got lost for over an hour trying to get there, then got lost again for an hour coming home. And he's having some "trouble" remembering to take the medications that are part of the study (he thinks they're a placebo, so he doesn't care).

I let the study know about his issues with the medications, and they're going to address it tomorrow. If he's going to participate and take their money, the least he can do is take a few pills. And if they're just sugar pills, then he has even less reason to buck the program requirements.

So far, we're still holding our own in an uneasy truce. But one session does not a transformation bring. I'll have to wait and see how he's doing after about 4 weeks, when we have our first "family" session.