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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. DDD

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    It's not major. It probably doesn't even qualify as minor. on the other hand
    I am discombobulated. Tonight was "Back to School" night at the
    dear old high school. :rolleyes:

    difficult child is entering 11th grade and that means I probably won't have
    to go into the blankin' school more than six or eight times b/4
    he graduates. It messes with my head. It messes with my heart.
    Cripes, it even messes with my blood pressure..I think.

    difficult child has three teachers who formerly had easy child/difficult child. I honestly wanted to slap the heck out of the man who will be teaching difficult child
    math. OMG! He is the dude who was easy child/difficult child's basketball coach. I
    doubt many of you remember but my husband actually went to have an appointment with the Coach when we feared easy child/difficult child might not have
    the GPA for the season. The Dude told my husband "I've taught
    kids for thirty years. You can count on my word. IF easy child/difficult child has
    any problems it will be discussed between the two of us in the privacy of my office." :grrr: Is it coming back to you like the nightmare it was for us??????? In between games, for goodness sake, during a tournament where easy child/difficult child was the top scorer.........the "assistant" Coach told easy child/difficult child to take off his
    uniform as he was not eligible to play. :crying: My husband and I
    will NEVER forgive him. easy child/difficult child says "Mama, he is not a bad man
    he is just a stupid man". Cripes, I have to deal with him all

    I'm having a libation and trying to regain my interior composure.
    How I hate having to relive those painful days. DDD
  2. Sunlight

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    that sure sounds hard to bear. I know our former high school principal was mean to my easy child one time. I nearly bit his head off, the drunken old fool. he said it was not important that nick's name was misspelled on his diploma. when I protested, he called me a b&&ch right in front of ant.

    I was so shocked I did not respond and walked out. I didnt dare oppose him as he had power and ant was coming up and a problem.

    we cant help but have PTSD. I have to pass the high school twice a day to go to boyfriend's and or work. I hate the place. no good memories there for sure.
  3. NOLA

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    hey, that would be cause for me to loose it too - any way he could be placed in another teacher's class? unless of course the math teacher a/k/a basketball coach is a fabulous math teacher, that is.

    i know how you feel - i must drive past the catholic high school that asked my difficult child "not to return" for his 10th grade year on my way to work every day & watch all the PCs file in - i'm a tad bit bitter :smile:

    if he's stuck in that class for the course just treat the teacher like you've never met him before :smile: for your difficult child's sake
  4. Oh how I remember the pain of school! Ugh. Makes me feel sick just thinking about it. difficult children are hard enough to deal with but when you mix insensitive, uninformed adults to it, it makes it very difficult.

    Breathe. If difficult child complains about this teacher, go to his counselor and explain the past occurances. I'm sure they will be willing to switch his schedule around so he has a different teacher. I don't know if they have more than 1 gym teacher, but see what you can do.

    It's not minor if it's bugging you...
  5. DDD

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    difficult child will get along fine in that classroom I think. He is not
    intuitive ( and won't even notice if the guy
    comes out with something. I just can't get over my reactions as
    a number of years have passed and it is still hard for me to keep
    my head up and my wits about me there. Thank heavens I only have
    two more years!!!!!! DDD
  6. KFld

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    DDD, you and I go a long way back to when our boys were in grammer school. I'm cringing for you at the thought of the school year beginning. I remember all to well those phone calls from the city of...... Then after difficult child graduated from highschool when I saw that number it wasn't the school anymore, it was the police :rofl:
  7. busywend

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    DDD, it is possible it will be smooth sailing with the teacher this year. Does difficult child play basketball???

    I understand the PTSD. It bites.
  8. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    difficult child is just about the opposite of easy child/difficult child. easy child/difficult child was extroverted
    athletic popular...and a pain in the booty when the ADHD kicked
    in at the wrong time. difficult child has Aspergers. He doesn't relate to
    people in a comfortable way, is overly polite to adults and since
    he has little to no interaction with peers doesn't get rowdy etc.

    It's not a problem for difficult child. It's just ME! DDD
  9. rejectedmom

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    Yep I can relate. -RM

    TYLERFAN New Member


    Of course your feeling that way........

    This "raising difficult child's" stuff isn't for the faint of heart.... :smile:

    Still, I have flashbacks of my difficult child's Running away, again and again, with all the panic that ensued for so many years. A hard pill to swallow a second or third time. I wonder and worry how Baby J will turn out, and I pray he is a stable person.
    You are doing a monumental job DDD. I hope I have as much inner strength then, as you do now.

    Melissa :flower:
  11. SunnyFlorida

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    PTSD reminds me of being pregnant and puking when certain smells were around. Ya never knew when or which smell would just put ya over the edge and you'd be running for the toilet.

    Hang in there. Let's hope that the teacher has uncomfortable memories too as he was a jerk and knew it. Maybe he'll never quite look you in the eye and just sort of gloss over everything.

    I think I have PTSD during HS graduation every year. I hate seeing all those stories in the paper, it hits me like a nausea wave.

    What goes around comes around.