Morning Monday


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Morning everyone!

Guess I'm first? Wow, you guys are sleeping in later and later anymore lol.

Nothing exciting on the agenda for today. I take 2 of the 3 boys to camp. Dylan comes with me to work, he has a 2 PM dental appointment. Then tonight it's karate. Dylan and J will soon be moving up a belt. B just started, so he's still white. The two little ones like the fact that they are 2 belts above him haha. Makes them feel big.

Dylan continues to make do with the Lithium alone, but it's not enough. We cut that Geodon, as it was making him nuts. Didn't need that, would rather put up with him on nothing than something making it worse.

Hope everyone enjoys their day.



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Have a good day, Janna. I hope it's not too traumatic, taking a difficult child to work.

I finally got difficult child 3 back to school work today - working on his journal of our holiday. he's using a fairly complex publishing program, InDesign, and he was managing better than I expected. Still, it's slow progress.
The other schools all had a pupil free day today, but as we're going to the pediatrician tomorrow, I felt he should get an early start.

easy child 2/difficult child 3 got home from camp - had a great time - but I'm still waiting on more info.

It's really cold here at the moment - go outside and you can feel t he cold bite into any part that is exposed. It's all wind-chill - the thermometer says 15C max today, it's about 10C outside now. It just feels a great deal colder.

And there's a cold snap on the way - hitting Adelaide tonight, Melbourne & Hobart tomorrow (snow ono Mt Wellington, above Hobart) and working its way up to Sydney for Wednesday am. Snow to 500 metres, in Victoria tomorrow.

And it's not cold enough now? Brrr...



Good Monday morning!

Janna, hope you have an easy work day.

Marg, sorry it's so cold in your corner of the world.

I'm on vacation at my parents' house on a lake in New Hampshire. We picked A up at overnight camp yesterday. She had an amazing time, her best yet in three summers. She had a part in the musical, she made friends (yeah!) and she earned the most "Random Acts of Kindness" awards in the whole camp. Needless to say, she cried last night that she didn't want camp to be over.

After thunderstorms yesterday, it's a beautiful day today. We'll probably take in some swimming, boating and tubing. husband and J flew home yesterday to go to work and camp. The girls and I will stay here for another week!

Hope you have a meltdown-free Monday. Hi to anyone who snuck in.

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Good morning friends,

Janna, kt's bus comes an hour later & I'll take that hour for sleep.

Marg, I hate hearing that you're in the winter blues - it's coming our way quickly enough. Enjoy your day.

SW, enjoy your vacation time.

I woke up to a rainy morning though you can tell it will clear & turn into a pretty day. PT is coming out this morning to help fitting a tub transfer seat & other work. husband had scheduled 800-Got-Junk before I got ill to haul off a bunch of things for which I am so glad. husband & I set up a grocery delivery service so I expect food to arrive this morning.

husband got this set up before I came home - he expects to be working out of the house most of this week & wanted everything in place.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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:wink: Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday!

Janna, the morning posts get a little later on summer mornings! Most of us totally understand your sentiments about rather having D on nothing than something that makes him worse. Good luck in your search for something that makes a postive difference. :angel:

Marg, glad difficult child 3 has finally settled back into the schoolwork. It's so lovely to go on holiday, but good to back to the schedule! :reading:

SW, glad A had such a great time at camp! You can't go wrong being by the water! I can't stay away for long in the summer....we are going back to the beach next week for three days :beach:

Enjoying the heck outa summer around my house. difficult child and I went to the pool at the gym last night. He and I "frolicked" for about an hour then, in his true nature, he made some buddies and I sat and watched him play for about 45 minutes. We got home at 9 and he was happy and tired :smile:

easy child and I will be leaving for our class shortly. The elec and I "crossed wires" on Friday so he should be here this afternoon to wire for the tub. Need to get this finished.......

Have a great Monday everyone :thumb:!



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Good Morning! :coffee:
Janna- I bet you and Dylan will have a great day at work today, he's such a hoot! :smile:
Marg- Fingers crossed difficult child 3 gets through the journal today. No one wants to start a semester falling behind. :hammer:
Smallworld- I love New Hampshire, I lived briefly in the White Mountains. Enjoy your time at the lake. :beach:
Today is Duckie's & my story hour at the library. We'll have as many as 30 kids there if there aren't a lot on vacation. :surprise:
husband and I enjoyed the wedding, it was nice to get away. And Duckie lost her tooth on Saturday. I hear she and her cousin worked on it the better part of the day and it popped about 8:15pm. :rolleyes: She did a sweet thing, though. We gave her a little shopping bag with some souvenirs from the 1,000 Islands region and she said: "Oh! You didn't have to do that! Thank you!". I'm pretty pleased that she wasn't expecting anything. :wink:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good Morning,

Janna-It sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you! It's cute that the younger boys enjoy being a higher belt than B. It's neat he's taking karate too.

Marguerite-It's always so interesting to read about your weather. In the winter I'm always jealous of your heading off to the beach while it's freezing. I hope you get a warm up soon!

SW-Enjoy your vacation! I'm glad camp was such a success for A!

Linda-Looks like we'll be getting your rain. I hope you get some rest in today!

Sharon-Sounds like a good time with difficult child at the pool! Let me know when the hot tub is ready-I'll be over!

TM-Glad you enjoyed the wedding. It was sweet that Duckie was so appreciative of the souvenirs. Enjoy the story hour!!

Long day here as husband had to get up at 4 to drive niece's friend back to Milwaukee to catch the ferry back to Michigan. difficult child woke up and went with them. This should have meant more sleep for me but my niece brought her two dogs to our house and they woke me up with their barking and then one came in my room to sleep with me. I sent the other to easy child's room. Not much sleep after that.

This afternoon difficult child starts his week at wrestling camp. They are only 1/2 days but he is looking forward to this camp!

As for me I am looking forward to a good workout and a nap!

I hope everyone has a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower: