Morton's Neuroma

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    Yes, my health has been the PITS of late. I'm trying not to get down...but much happening.
    But, I find some comfort when I get feedback from others here and appreciate it greatly!!!!! Honestly, it is a huge help for me...very comforting.

    For a few years now I have had increasing pain in my feet; the metatarsals and my fourth toe (next to the pinky toe). Last year, I went to a podiatrist and got three sets of PAINFUL alcohol injections after being diagnosis'd with Morton's Neuroma...both feet.
    They reduced the pain about 90%.

    I exercised very little during the year due to yet another health problem. I got on good medicine for that problem and started to exercise again about three months ago. Was told it was important due to my high blood pressure, etc. but soon, the pain in my feet came back and now it's very bad. I got the name of a new podiatrist recommended to me by two doctors...hope to go in about a week.

    Anyone else have MN? What did you do for it? Did you have the surgery and if so, what was the outcome? Thank you.
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    I teach exercise for a living, so I beat the **** out of my feet. Stress fractures, raging plantar fasciitis, and a Morton's Neuroma in one foot. In my case, the pain would come and go, as in kill me for 6 months, then pretty much go away or at least be manageable with devices like good shoes, orthotics, and this toe spreader thingy (sorry, don't have an official name), and Motrin. I haven't had surgery because I'm a huge wuss, so I mostly wanted to commiserate and tell you I feel your pain quite literally and hope you find good treatment. I'm guessing you've tried all the non-invasive stuff if you're considering surgery. The only thing I've heard about the surgery is that the recovery felt long to people, but that's probably true of any surgery, especially of the feet. I would imagine that you reach a point where you have to do what you have to do so you can live your life. Good luck, having sore feet sucks.
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    Never heard of it. But it sounds mighty painful. :(

    I'm on my feet on a solid concrete floor 10 hrs a day. I discovered much to my frustration that the gel insoles I bought to help cushion my feet were somehow causing both pain and numbness in my toes, not to mention much pain in the rest of my foot. I took them out to try a night without them............... My feet have not hurt since.

    Go figure. ugh

    Now I do have the joint of the left big toe that flares terribly and is now permanently swollen although it doesn't hurt lately. I thought "gout", now I"m not so sure. Reminds me of my mom's bunions except I never had that foot deformity. Nor is this the foot I broke........and yes, I find it interesting there is not a single issue with the foot I broke every bone in.
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    I got MN after a long summer of processing tomato sauce while standing barefoot on a terra cotta kitchen floor. The pain was horrible. The ortho told me to stay off my feet for a couple of weeks. Acupuncture and massage helped me. It recently returned but not as painfully as the first time (15 years ago). All my shoes are now ugly clogs.

    *I'm sorry you're going through this!