mother in law's doctor arrested - the worlds gone crazy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mattsmom277, Jun 27, 2011.

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    S/O and I were reading the news online and saw a article just posted. Apparently S/O's mothers doctor was arrested today right IN his clinic, on 5 counts of sexual assault and one count of assault. Unreal that someone would use that type of position to exploit patients, and to throw their medical license and training down the tubes, lose their practice, affect an entire small community that depended on that clinic. Apparently he has 2 kids and is married to another doctor. What a stupid stupid thing to do. On the flip side, I was sick of seeing his face in wanna be Dr.Oz commercials in our region with little medical information updates and plugs for his self help book. He was not made for t.v. I wonder if other patients will end up coming forward, hard to imagine its an isolated incident.
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    So what does SO's mother think of all that?
  3. DDD

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    That was my question, too. I imagine it was quite a shock. The world has gone crazy! DDD
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    O.M. G. Well, sexual assualt isn't based on rational thinking....I'm just glad he got caught, if he's guitly. But I would hope with that many counts, they were careful not to arrest him until they were sure.
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    Wow...what did mother in law say?
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    I don't think my mother in law knows yet. We did call her and leave a message but she's out and about today so I'm sure she'll call us later tonight. I doubt she's going to be pleased especially because she's enjoyed him as her doctor and she had a hard time FINDING a doctor in her very rural area after her doctor retired. She's got many medical issues and they require supervision regularly. On the other hand, she's of that age where she's going to be thinking "oh no, he's examined me and seen me naked" although I know she'd have said if she ever felt he was inappropriate or anything towards her. I'm sure the rumor mill is flying and its a small place where she's always lived so I know she'll hear a ton of things round the town. I'm going to tell her to ignore it all since she wasn't harmed by him and try to focus her on finding a new doctor who can take her into their practice, even if she has to look in the nearby bigger city.

    I don't believe police jumped the gun at all. The newspaper stated the investigation was ongoing for several months before the arrest. I was incorrect at him being arrested today. It went in the paper today but he was arrested on Friday and is in custody awaiting a bail hearing tomorrow, which I'm sure he'll get. His wife I feel very horrible for (after his victims of course). She has a medical practice as well. Lucky for her she carries her maiden name. I don't know his childrens age but their names are plastered on his personal web site.

    This guy was all over our local network tv station with this mini-infomercials with medical information in a series of health topics. He has authored many self help books etc and has I believe 3 more in the process of going to print (something tells me that will be put on hold by the publisher). Certainly the network is going to cancel his spots they sponsored on television.

    It is such a disappointment to hear people in places of such trust who abuse that power and position. I guess he could be innocent and if so I hope that comes out and people don't hold it against him. I know my pediatrician as a child had this happen and it was false accusations. We continued being taken to him and he remained my doctor until I had Matt, at which time Matt was his patient until this doctor retired to Arizona. I never felt a wit of concern with him at all and to this day wish he was still practicing.
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    Oh dear!

    I know it's innocent until proven guilty but you sound convinced that he was a slimebucket anyway, so there's definitely a background.

    I'm awaiting mother in law's response ...
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    Still haven't had any luck getting hold of mother in law. Trying her as I type actually, she hasn't returned calls either for a few days. S/O is wondering if she's met "someone" and too shy to admit it since its under a year since her partner passed away.
  9. Star*

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    What a shocker! I feel very sorry for the victims, and his wife and children. Glad your mother in law was not one of his victims.