MSN Article on Bullying.

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    Thanks for posting this! I can understand how an unmedicated difficult child with ADHD could become a bully. At our house, difficult child 1 is usually the one provoking others when he hasn't yet taken his medications in the morning :devil2: Can't tell you how many times I've woken to the sounds of one of the other difficult child's hollering because difficult child 1 did this or that to them. It's all about stimulus-seeking behavior in my opinion. Of course, once the medications kick in, he's as nice to be around as anyone.

    I can also understand how a kid with ADHD, or any other behaviorial issue that makes them stand out, would tend to be a target for bullying. The "bully" sees them as different, and to make matters worse, these different kids are very often more reactive to their environment. So the bully is guaranteed a stimulating response every time he or she engages the targeted victim. All this type of activity can go on even if you have the most aware and involved parents in the home, especially if the difficult child's issues are not being effectively addressed.

    difficult child 2 has given us a perfect example of this over the past few years, and he is unfortunately the target of bullying by several kids at his school. Thank goodness things are starting to change and the new administration is taking action to stop this trend and correct the environment that seems to have developed there.