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    Hi Everyone,

    I know I havent been on in a while.

    Catch up: But difficult child has decided she doesnt want to take her concerta medications. she has stopped them a while ago during the last couple of months of school, she finished out her 9th grade year 90% off it on home instruction. which she ended the year with a 3.80 gpa.. :redface: ..
    This year will be the first time back in school in almost 2 years not staying long because of getting kicked out. Now on probation, her po got us in contact with this program that is free if you dont have medicaid which we dont.

    It's called MST crisis intervention. We just started and its to take back control of our lives and home. Its an intense 3-6 month program where they come to the house 2 days a week for hour and a half each. On call 24/7. After all history has been taken and all the paper work is out of the way we start intervention today..

    My key things to remember are: don't engage, when & then, dont feed the monster. And dont justify myself to her at all. If I start to engage (which i'm terrible at she is a button pusher) my husband has a key word that will trigger me out of the room stop the engaging. And a bunch of other things but this was given to me last night.

    So for today since I asked her to clean the bathroom yesturday and she didnt. Today will start off:
    Me: WHEN you clean the bathroom THEN I will give you the makeup.

    (hence we were going to throw in the flat iron in there because she cant live without it but my mother in law gave her a late birthday present last night and it was her own flat iron i about died and tried not to have a reaction).

    We are going to be treating to hopefully get her ODD under control, for her to beable control the monster.

    It's going to get worse before it gets better. I know this but sooner rather then end up in jail or worse dead somewhere. Crossing fingers.

    Has anyone gone threw this program.
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    I have not gone through the program but believe that in-home services can be helpful; in particular, 24-hour crisis team availability for support and intervention is a plus.

    Kudos to you for your resolve and hope you will continue to stand your ground. Good luck today!
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    I didnt get this exact program but something similar and have read about MST and think it is a very good program if worked well. Good luck and I think the not engaging is one of the keys. I think not engaging or really not being able to engage on a constant basis is why it works so well when kids move out of the We arent with them constantly so we arent there to engage.
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    Hi, I now have in home behavior analyst once a week for two hours but is available to call anytime. We also have two other therapasts plus the psychiatrist and she is starting diversion program (academic with lots of counceling) Aug. 24. So it is a form of MST.
    I have made much progress in not reacting. She tends to escalate like crazy at those moments. My current safety plan is jeans with pockets, running shoes, a cell phone, keys, phone number to the analyst, two other supportive people, the sherrif, and crisis interverntion line. I have locked up /put way things like knives, glasses or vases I donot want ther to trach, I will run outside to corner. Another thing B.A. is helping with is choosing battles. The main thng we are working on right now is medication aherence, talking to me or husband once a day, and eating. I really want ther to see her therapists but focusing on baby steps of stability first. She has been too unstable to realsitically do many chores in about a year. She did do her laundry yesterday.
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    Today was good. hey one day at a time. lol. If i dont laugh I will cry.

    I told her when she got up and wake you didnt do the bathroom yesturday!

    Me: when you do the bathroom THEN you can have your makeup back.
    difficult child: I dont wear makeup anymore.
    ME: when you do the bathroom THEN you can have the flat iron back. (she just as a gift, I really didnt want to use that one or engage.)
    difficult child: that is mine your not touching it.
    Me: When you do the bathroom THEN you can go to the balloon fest. ah ha i hit a nerve.
    difficult child: you cant stop (then realizes its after her curfew, I can stop her).
    difficult child: goes up stairs and starts screaming for me.
    Me: i ignore her smoking like a fene. she comes down stairs.
    Me: I wont answer you if you scream at me. What do you need?
    difficult child: grabs the paper towels, and mubbles I will start breaking all your stuff.
    Me: I ignore her with a smile walk outside call mst and dont ya know it her probation officer pulls up.. ;)
    difficult child: Hey mom bathroom is done. Like nothing happened.

    Normally I would of started yelling back at her if you break my stuff and it escalates from there.

    She leaves with her friends then I get a phone call she is freaking out with good reason they witnessed 2 cars drag racing one car just misses the car she is in but hits the suv infront of them and the suv rolls 3 times in front of them and the 2 cars takes off and never stops this all happened on the highway. So I went up there kids are fine. I believe the lady will be ok also.

    But I hope it taught her a lesson you can be the best driver on the road its the other people you have to look out for.

    day is not over but i'm hopefull.
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    Wow. What a day! I hope today is better.

    It is good to hear she and others are okay after that awful incident. Good advice about defensive driving, mom. I have not let up on drumming a similar message into my son's head since he got behind the wheel.

    Kudos to you for staying calm, enduring, and not escalating yesterday. I know it is difficult. Out of curiosity, on arrival, what did the PO do?

    Have a good weekend and will keep my fingers crossed for you all. :peaceful:
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    Later that night I called and checked on her. she said hey mom sorry for freaking out.. she wasnt bad at all just started crying when she heard my voice and when she saw me at the accident started balling again. At least it scared the cr*ap out of her..

    Her po didnt really say to much just wanted to know what she was doing about her community service and how things were going. Kinda like a check up thing on her. She said I was very calm and asked how mst was going. difficult child said where she was going to night and the po wanted the who, what, where, when. And then she went on her merry way.

    The girls are still sleeping to they must have been up late last night so all is calm right now.. Hoping today is uneventful..

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    Sounds very good.
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    WE are also doing MST and it has been intense because our lady comes 3-4 times and is here for anywhere between 2-6 hours. Right now my husband is injured and not working and I lost my job and even though I have been looking I haven't been able to find anything so we have been able to devote a lot of time and energy into the program. We have on many crisis nights had to call her after hours and she is so helpful to get difficult child to deescalate but we are almost out of time with her so we are now working on trying to use the safety plan on our own before we call for help. Of course difficult child feeling like he is loosing his life line but we are working on it. We have other things going on --his sister is leaving for college and we are all a little emotional - we have a grandbaby on the way from our oldest daughter who is out of the house and our oldest son is working on trying to follow his career also not at home. Anyway, We have seen improvement with difficult child and am thankful that we had this oppurtunity because it was MST or 2 year commitment. Our story is a little rough with difficult child being ADHD, ODD, Bipolar and has Restless leg syndrome but overall I give our MST gal 101% She has become a friend and confidant so I don't know what I will do when it all comes to an end. difficult child is making progress which is of course the most important. He is almost 17 now and I don't have him at home much longer either. Hope my rambling helped:D
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    Wow!, That is all in one week? We are gettign in home behavior analyst two hurs a week. It is very helpful. We also have counceling in community another 3 hourts a week besisdes all the support groups. She starts diversion program Aug. 24 wihich will be 30 hours a week. Compassion