murder over an xbox

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    OMG - a lady was murdered in my town a week ago. Just released the names of the two they caught. A 14 year old and a 15 year old.

    They new what they were doing. Went in with a metal bat and unloaded rifle. Flipped the breaker box to shut off power. Unplugged the phones. They knew she was sleeping, through a window. Went into the bedroom and beat her with the bat. Then robbed her. Biggest item an Xbox.

    The boys were waived to adult court. But one mother and a relative were also arrested. Looks as if the mother orchestrated the whole robbery. Not the murder. In my opinion the story was leading to where the mother had the boys stealing and returing the items to her.

    People wrote in about how hard of a life these boys had, you shouldn't judge them..blah, blah...

    What worse crime could they commit? They took a life. Does it get worse?

    difficult child knows the boys. They went to elementary school with him. Not friends, just knows them. difficult child knows everyone. Talks to everyone. Even if he knows they are not good kids. When I was 13 I certainly didn't know anyone who murdered someone. Heck I still don't. In the past year, difficult child has dealt with 4 deaths, kids he knows sevely beat another kid. (they are in jail), a friend getting hit by a car (2 weeks in a coma, just woke up), and now he knows these boys too!! Know wonder he has headaches.
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    I wish at 13 I could've said I didn't know someone who murdered someone.

    We had an 8 yr old murder our next door neighbor, and elderly sweet gentleman, for asking him not to walk thru his yard.

    Good grief. Those boys need to be punished. That mother needs the death sentence.
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    Wow. That is so sad for you and your difficult child.
    Not to mentioned the murdered lady.
    Yup, they really planned that one out ... flipped the circuit breaker, the whole 9 yrds.
    You know, when people said, "You don't know how hard of a life they lived ..." that's how Saddam Hussein was raised, and the way he raised his boys. You learn what you live. It doesn't happen by accident. And that mom is guilty as all get-out.
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    That's just pitiful- I think the mother should get as much time as the boys. What an idiot. Ok- what an unfit parent- is that better? If you raise a child to steal, who can't figure out that the kid will always take things at least one step further than we allow them, much less teach them. What did she expect he'd turn out to be? Really, if she had him doing this at 14, what was she teaching him at 10 or 6 yo? I realize he was old enough to know better and must have had other influences in his life, but i can't see that the kid had much of a chance if that's what his mother was having him do.
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    If the boys were coached to do this, trained by adults, then those adults are the ones culpable. How can the children know any better if they have been taught to do this? By a parent, no less?

    Yes, the boys deserve some punishment but more than that, if at all possible they need to at least TRY to rehabilitate them. If there is any chance for them.

    But the adults who put them up to this - they have no defence. Even if they try to claim that all they intended was robbery - they sent those boys in to commit a crime, and anything that happens as a result of this act, is their responsibility. A man who kidnaps a girl, binds/gags her and puts her in the boot of his car with the intention of maybe raping her afterwards but then letting her go, is guilty of murder if the girl accidentally suffocates, because she wouldn't have died if he hadn't done the wrong thing in the first place.

    THe adults involved in this should get a stiffer sentence than the kids. The adults are supposed to know better. The kids can only know what they have been taught.

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    How tragic-this is so very sad.