's Jumper?

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    I know you're thinking of your oldest today but following your post I realized I don't know how Jumper is doing and what's happened with her boyfriend. When you get a chance would you update? Somehow I feel affection for her......even though I don't know her. DDD
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    You're right DDD. I have been wondering the same thing. Great minds think alike!!

    Update us when you can MWM?
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    Yes, please do.
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    I have been thinking of jumper also. Hope all is well.
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    OMG. Thank you for caring about Jumper! I appreciate it so much, and trust me I care about your kids too and even if I can't think of anything to post (often I just don't know what to say) I read about them...I read every post.

    Jumper is still going out with J. Since he turned eighteen he has a car so he comes over quite a bit. On a very positive note, his father has started taking a real interest in his mental health (as he should...the kid is not mentally stable). His father has been asking him every day if he wants help and has stopped fighting him about Jumper. In fact when Jumper used to go to his wrestling matches, his father, who is his son's coach, basically just paid no attention to J. sitting next to Jumper...he no longer gives him grief. On a touching note, J. was the favorite to win the wrestling regionals and in his first round, some kid from nowhere pinned him down and beat him, totally stunning EVERYONE. J. did not handle it well. He threw his mask and gloves and did not want to shake hands with the winner. Then he stalked off to his father, the coach, and said something to his father that made his father cry. Jumper said his father was wiping his eyes. J. cried too. He was so upset with himself...he is very hard on himself.

    But at least his father realizes Jumper didnt' cause anything...that J. has issues. On the other hand, J's mother has been a moron (sorry to use the word). She wrote him one last letter saying that she would not give him a chance again unless...and I don't know what her demands were, but he tore it up and she has not spoken to him since then and it had been a few months. He doesn't seem to care, according to Jumper.

    Jumper has her problems with J. J's real mother cheated on his father, which is why they were divorced. He is terrified that Jumper will cheat on him and often accuses her of cheating for insane reasons and then they fight and he threatens to break up with her, and she has to talk him down. To be honest, Jumper is not interested in any other boy and has not looked at one since meeting him. Sometimes she gets discouraged, but she won't break up with him because of it. I am starting to think that maybe his going to Indiana in the summer is a good thing so that Jumper can get back into the groove and see her friends more often and just not be so tied in with J.

    Jumper is being very level-headed about J. going to college. When I asked her what she would do and how she thinks it may go, she said, "Well, he says as long as I don't cheat on him, we should be ok and we can Skype." But then, before taking another breath, she said, "But people change in college. He doesn't know what he'll do. It will be easier if we break up while he's away than now, when we are always together." I asked her if she'd be all right. She said, "Yes, I promise I will be all right." Bless her.

    My two girls have very different temperments.

    Jumper had a magnificant baskeball game last night. Her team played J's school's girls team. J. came and sat on HER side, not with his buddies on HIS school's side. And I never saw Jumper more motivated to win. The coaches hub was sitting in front of us in the bleachers and he turned around and said, "If Jumper played like this every day, you wouldn't have to pay for college." LOL! The thing is, Jumper gets discouraged easily and if she is playing a team she doesn't believe she can beat, she does not play like that. But it was a great game for her. I just love this girl so much. She gives us nothing but more mature than a typical teen. Her grades are also still good, EXCEPT for math,w hich is a huge struggle for her, but she gets help in it and is not failing.

    Jumper plans on dragging J. to prom so that will be another story, if anyone is interested.

    I am very afraid that, in spite of Jumper's even keel disposition it will be so hard when J. goes off to college. She promised me, "I am going to cry and cry and cry." But again she still told me she could handle it.

    I hope so!!!!

    Thanks again for asking :)
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    Thanks for the update. So much of it sounds positive. She really appears to be an awesome girl and you have every right to be proud.

    I'm not, however, enthralled with the recurring "cheating" concerns/threats. Can't tell you how much I hope he will seek counseling...sigh...glad his Dad is onboard for that now. on the other hand there's a fine line involved for Jumper. There's a tendency for first loves to isolate from others (I did it at sixteen and my family was concerned with good cause.) and I have fingers crossed that Jumper is doing her best to maintain her independent circle of friends. I want nothing but the best for her...and you, too, lol. DDD
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    Bless her, she's such a great kid!
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    Thanks for the update MWM. I agree that you have every right to be proud. She is such a good kid. Right now, she is level-headed about all this. I think you're right to worry about when the time comes.

    I am worried too about J's suspicious nature. Just because his mom did it doesn't mean everyone does. THAT is what is going to end the relationship after he goes to college. He won't KNOW she isn't and she won't be able to PROVE it so I can't see his irrational fears letting it survive.
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    What a sweet girl... I guess with everything else, I didn't realize, I thought Jumper and J had split up. But then... It IS a teenage romance, after all!

    I'm just glad SHE seems to be levelheaded about this. Even if J is not, Jumper being realistic will help.