MWM....What's The Latest On Jumper?

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    Maybe I've missed an update or so but I haven't read about her this summer nor have I read what college choice she made, if any. I'm always rooting for her and hope all is well. DDD
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    Oh, my! Thanks for asking, DDD. After her year of crazy boyfriend drama, she has recovered. Right after she broke up with J., she was not herself for a while and I was worried. She slept and carried around a blanket he had given her...or rather one she had made for him that he gave her back after the break up. He insisted they give everything back, which I thought was weird, but he was strange. Last I heard he was in college in Indiana. Don't know anything else. He took down his Facebook. For a while Jumper was texting him to get back with her...she was in so much pain...and I kind of cringed because I didn't like her giving him such a big ego, especially since she broke up with HIM. He continued to insist she had her chance but she cheated on him, which was a huge lie, but he was a paranoid kid and I feel sorry for him. He is really a big difficult child due to his mental health issues, although he never drank or smoked or got into legal trouble. He did threaten to kill himself all the time in a very calm way that terrified Jumper.

    A few months later, Jumper seemed to be getting herself together and started hanging with her old friends again and a pair of new friends, two twin boys who were her age but a year behind her in school. One of the twins was really good at making her laugh when she would, say, Facebook "I Miss You" (meaning J.). He would answer silly stuff like, "Oh, sorry about that! I'll be over right away! Oh, wait. It may take a while because I have to get my bike out of the garage, but I'll ride as fast as I can." I didn't know him, but I liked how he made her smile and laugh. They became besties and I knew he liked her and he is such a nice boy with a great family who love Jumper. He asked her to prom, then asked her to go out with him. The rest is history. She is with him (and his twin) all the time and it's a happy relationship instead of one full of angst.

    Jumper wants to be a social worker. Her grades are not quite good enough for most four year colleges. Her GPA is 2.7 and she probably won't do that great on the ACT test because she freaks out during tests. She is going to take it anyway. But she decided to start out at a tech school, which is Wisconsin's version of a two year college. She can still play WIAA sports there. She visited LaCrosse Tech and loved it. They even have dorms...NICE ones. They have a Human Services two year associates degree which can be extended at a four year college in Winona MN to Social Work. Jumper is not sure that this is it yet, but she thinks so. She wants to be close enough to home to come home a lot and to see her boyfriend as much as possible. She is not boy crazy or flirtateous AT ALL and I would be shocked if she even tried to meet somebody else. That's just not the way she is.

    Jumper played basketball, softball and volleyball this year and will next year. She won statewide awards in all three sports. I'm sure you saw that she won Prom Queen, which was lots of fun for her and for Mom too! She is moody sometimes, but basically a goodhearted kid with a lot going for her, including leadership, and who is kind to others and has a lot going for her. Recetnly, she got her first job, at a restaurant, which is the same place her sister Julie worked at in high school.

    Jumper is not home a lot. She is very social and, because we have never had any reason not to trust her, we don't restrict her very often. If she wants to go somewhere, well, her friends and their parents are all known to us and very nice and we just say "yes."

    This summer has been sports, sports, sports...both playing hers and watching her boyfriend play. He's a bright boy who is innocent. She is his first girlfriend. She helped him as well as him helping her because he had mixed feelings about his divorced mom remarrying. He is very close to his mom. Often they are either at our house or at his mother/stepfather's house.

    This is probably more than you wanted to I am so proud of my Jumper and she has been such a pleasure to raise. I'm sorry for rattling on and on. It is going to be sad for both me and my husband when she leaves for college next September, but we know she'll be around a lot and my husband still is working and I have a ton of activities that are keeping me very busy so that I won't feel so lonely with an empty nest as Sonic is also moving out next year!!! Now ask me about Sonic and you'll get another

    You are kind to be thinking of Jumper :)
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    I'd love to hear about Sonic. Glad Jumper is doing well
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    Sonic is also doing great. I am going to post about him soon because he may have a job, which he got fair and square. I want to see if he gets it yet. Both of my kids who still live here are doing very well!!!
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    Great update, thanks. :) DDD
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    Always love to hear about Jumper. And great update too! Bona fide PCs are a hoot! (Even though mine has been getting to my nerves at times lately)
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    Suzir, and those of us with difficult children *really* appreciate
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    Love to hear both kiddos are doing so well!
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    Thank you. See my new thread about I forgot to knock on wood :)